Sunday, January 19, 2014

Riverwalk Park and Other Saturday Things

Saturday morning, I wasn't feeling well. I had started feeling rough on Thursday night and was a trooper on Friday, but Saturday morning, Greg took the boys to the gym and let me sleep in. Some much needed sleep and a little Dayquil made me feel so much better. So, we took the boys downtown to check out a park they have right on the Savannah river. It was pretty cold, but it was sunny, so we refused to stay cooped up in the house. Spring Fever has hit us and we want to be outside, even if it's 41 degrees.

There's a neat train track that I wanted to get the boys picture on. I see professional photographers use it all the time in their work, but I figured we'd go to the park and then take pictures. But, when we came back, there was a group taking pictures on it. Womp Womp.

There is nothing to keep anybody from falling in the water (except for common sense), no rail or anything. The Savannah river is just right there. The boys loved it.

The train track that goes over the river. and a random bag on the ground that somebody left at the park.

this is exactly what we wanted to do, go places in Augusta that we haven't gone before. We all enjoyed it. Greg loved reading the things everywhere that explained the history of the city, the boys loved exploring and I loved taking pictures, but I think we would have all enjoyed it a little more if it had been a little warmer.

This is the park that they have right on the water. The boys thought it was a really fun park with lots of things to climb and a couple places that they thought made the perfect "jail"

My favorite picture of them at this park.

You could walk along the river for miles. We could walk over 13 miles I think and be where we went on Thursday night with the boys.

Evan found some acorns. He loves finding them and getting a big collection going when we're outside.

I took the boys over to the train tracks to get a few pictures, but I wanted to go further back, but there was a group there taking pictures, they walked up right before we walked over there.

The boys were excited to find rocks and just loved touching the train track.

After we left the park, we decided to eat somewhere downtown. I had read about a few kid friendly places that I wanted to try, but Evan wanted pizza, so we went to Mellow Mushroom. It's our go to place in Evans to get pizza, so we figured we'd try out their downtown location.

I hate these pics of me, but I think Carter just looks too cute to not post them.

The boys loved it, they were patient for our pizza, they both ate great and were patient waiting for us to leave.

When we got home, during the boys nap, I colored 200 coffee filters yellow. My mom is coming over on Tuesday and we're making wreaths. I'm super excited and I really hope they turn out like the ones on Pinterest that we're copying.

My Erin Condren planner came in! If I didn't have to pack for our trip and get everything ready, I'd be sitting down with some pretty color pens and filling this planner out. I love getting organized.

Evan was excited to pop the bubble wrap that came with my planner.  

After dinner tonight, I started working on organizing our hot mess of a pantry and Evan decides to entertain himself by putting all the stickers we had on his stomach. He was SO proud of himself. But, it did keep him busy enough for me to do some cleaning/organizing, so whatever.

Today we are driving to Stone Mountain to take the boys to the snow mountain part. We're all so excited and I can't wait to recap our trip on my blog. Hope everybody is having a great Sunday.

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