Monday, January 13, 2014

Weekend Update

Friday, we met the Moms club at Monkey Joes. We've only been there once before and the boys had a blast. There was hardly anybody there this time and the boys played great for about 30 minutes.

The pirate ship bouncy is probably their favorite.

There's was another one that they liked that had a maze to go through and a slide.

After about 30 minutes, Evan said he wanted a snack, which was weird for him, normally when they're playing good like that, they don't want to stop. We went out to the car and they had a quick snack. He was still being silly.

After their snacks, we went back in and Evan didn't want to play anymore. I picked him up and he felt a little warm and rested his head on my shoulder. I wasn't sure if he was just hot from playing so  hard for 30 minutes or if he was getting sick, but my gut told me that he was getting sick.

After nap, we went to Sam's Club and the boys got dinner there. Greg did some shopping while I sat with the boys. This is how Evan ate the little bit that he did eat. He told me he was tired. So, I knew he was sick.

But he still had it in him to help with the cart. ;)

When we got home, he just wanted to lay on me and watch a movie. We put him to bed a little early and the next morning, he woke up good as new. No fever or anything. Just a quick one day fever, I guess-and I don't mind that one bit.

Saturday, we went to my parents to hang out. It was raining all day, so it was nice to have somewhere to go play. We had taco salads for lunch and the boys had a blast playing with my parents. This was the only picture I got.

When we got home, the boys relaxed on the couch and watched a movie. They were all 3 very into it.

Sunday was sunny and the weather was pretty warm, so we went to the park. The boys started out our trip with snack.

Carter loves this thing, it's probably 15 feet high and he likes to just hang off, one handed, twirl, and do anything and everything he can to try and give me a heart attack.

Like this, this makes me nervous. I drive Greg crazy at the park because I worry a lot, he's very relaxed with a  "boys will be boys" attitude.

Evan climbs it just like mommy likes. Quick, with both hands on the equipment at all times, he goes up and gets off.

Then Carter did this. THIS is why I have grey hair. I told him not to do that anymore, it scares mommy--which makes them want to do something over and over. So, I had to tell him that he could break a bone. They watched some cartoon about bones and now they're very aware that dangerous activities can break their bones and they don't want that.

This morning, Carter woke up bright and early with a fever. He acts a little differently than Evan when he's sick, he likes to be cuddled and loved on and be with you every second.

We had a play date that we skipped because of his fever, but he started to perk up a little, so I figured we'd make a quick trip to Target to get a few things that we need. I thought a quick trip out of the house would do us all some good.

You can see how thrilled Carter is about this trip. I immediately realized that this was a bad idea when I got the boys in the cart and Carter was just acting like he felt awful. I had a prescription to pick up and there was about a 10 minute wait (which felt like much longer) I was definitely happy when our trip was over and we were back home.

Sooo.....we went back to the couch for more movies/tv. I always feel guilty have so much tv on when they're sick, but that's what Carter wanted to do.

Somebody got a little jealous of Carter getting all the attention and decided he wanted to lay on my lap and watch tv too.

While we were at Target, I whizzed by the clearance section to see if there were good deals on toys. I didn't have much time to think before buying this Planes thing for a really good deal. We have too many toys and we're going to try and go through and get rid of some, so I definitely didn't need to be buying more, but it was crazy at Target and I didn't have time to think, so I just grabbed it.

The boys LOVE it and it was a lifesaver today.

Even Carter got off my lap and played with it.

I'm pretty sure Carter has the same one day fever that Evan had on Friday--or at least I'm hoping. So, hopefully, tomorrow, he'll wake up good as new and ready to go to school.

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