Friday, January 17, 2014

Savannah Rapid Pavilion

Yesterday after the boys naps, we decided to go check out a new park. I had spent most of their nap time looking for things to do when the weather gets warmer (when I should have been cleaning) I hate this time of year. The fun, winter holidays have passed and now we're just stuck with cold until spring/summer. It's much warmer hear than it was in Virginia and there's no snow, so that's nice. But, I'm so ready for warmer weather. I figured since it was sunny and not TOO cold, we should go check out a new park. One of my goals for this year is to really discover Augusta and this was a place I've always wanted to check out.

We went to Savannah Rapids Pavilion. It was about a 15 minute easy drive, give or take.

I thought the whole area was so beautiful. There was a park, picnic spots, running and walking trails, etc. I loved all the Spanish moss trees everywhere.

Carter stayed with Greg to play on the playground, so Evan and I did some exploring before Greg and Carter caught up with us later. 

Evan was such a trooper about taking pictures.

He's acting like he has a camera and is taking pictures of me too. He'd say "click"

I love how close we were able to get to the savannah River

All of us crossed over a bridge and got to this little sitting area where we could see a lot of the river and boys could sit and have a snack.

I just had my iPhone camera and the sun was setting, so I didn't get the best pictures. I tried to play around with some picture editing software and put those pictures at the end. So, although you can't tell from my pictures, it was really beautiful there.

The boys thought it was really neat, but they seemed scared enough of it to know not to lean over the railing or do anything else that wouldn't be safe.

Evan, Carter, and Daddy

I imagine when the trees turn green and it's nice and warm out and the sun sets a lot later, this will be such a great place to come.

We saw an otter or beaver behind Greg in the water.

I took a million pictures and they probably all look the same. Sorry.

Here's the park they have for the kids to play on. Nothing spectacular, but the fun part for them is exploring and getting to see the river.

The boys had a blast at the Savannah Rapid Pavilion. I can't wait until the weather warms up a little bit and we can do things like that all the time We do have a few new things planned for the next few days, and that makes me very happy. It's easy to get into a boring routine in the winter, so we're going to try and avoid that. I'll make sure to blog about the things we do today and this coming weekend.
It was dark when I was trying to take my pictures, so I used an photo editing app on my phone to try and help the pictures look better since a lot of them turned out so dark. I can't tell if it made them look worse or better.  So, these are the ones that I edited.

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