Thursday, January 2, 2014

Randoms from December Part 2

Round two of December photo dump.

I haven't put the boys in footie pjs since they were infants, but I got these on sale on Black Friday and got them for our car rides to look at Christmas lights. I think the boys look so adorable and they are obsessed with them. I had to buy another pair for each of them and they want to wear them every night.

We went to dinner one night and parked across from the movie theater and Carter gasped and said "What is that?!? It's beautiful!" haha. I guess we've never drove by at night before. It's so funny the things that we don't give a second thought about and he just thought the lights and everything were so pretty.

Eating out has been so much easier lately. We knew it'd come eventually and we definitely don't take it for granted. We can actually go somewhere and order food and wait on it to come like normal people. The boys are really good. They're patient for the food (most of the time we do order them an appetizer) and they eat pretty good while we're out. it's so nice.

A pizza place we went to didn't have kids cups and the boys were entertained simply by having an adult cup. They thought they were something.

More footie pjs pics. This is just the cutest thing to me.

They thought the reindeer on their feet was so cute.

We needed to go into Lowe's before Christmas and Greg was able to go do all his shopping while the boys just looked at all the inflatables. They could have stayed there all day.

Caroline and I made a quick trip to Tennessee (there and back on the same day) to see my aunt in the hospital. I drove, so I made Caroline pump my gas. I had to document this occasion-she hates to pump gas.

It was a sad trip to TN, but I'm so glad we made it in. Caroline took this on our way back. Ignore my dirty windshield, but I thought the sunset and mountains were so pretty.

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