Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Evans Tree Lighting

On November 30, we went to Evans Towne Center for their annual tree lighting. They had several things going on, like Santa Cow, free hot cocoa, some vendors set up. We got in line to see Santa and the Santa Cows came by to say hi to the kids waiting. The boys LOVE santa cow. Not as much as they love the Grinch, but he's a close second. They love giving him high fives.

They had free hot cocoa, but it was pretty hot. Greg didn't want it getting spilled all over the boys, so he took over and "fed" it to them.

The boys were so excited to see Santa, it wasn't like last year, when Carter was too scared and cried. They both jumped up there like it was nothing. They told him they wanted an aiport (which Mamaw and Papaw got them). They told him they were good. It was very cute.

I thought that this was so cute that I included it in our Christmas picture card.

I don't know what this mascot is for (I'm thinking a cable company) but he wanted high fives from the boys. They'll pretty much give anybody a high five.

Then he wanted a picture with the boys.

This was as close as they'd get, haha.

They'll pose and smile, but they were not getting any closer to that thing.
We actually ended up leaving before the tree lighting. It was freezing and we had a few hours before they were planning on lighting the tree. We went and listened to some music/band play and the boys played with a little girl-dancing and chasing each other for the longest time. Then, we decided to head home early and decorate our tree and turn it on.

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