Thursday, January 2, 2014

Week at Mamaw's and Papaw's

Greg had to take an online class for his work the 2nd week in December. It was live, so he had to sit in front of the computer while the instructor talked and then they did little projects, live, on the computer. I knew there was no way he'd be able to do that with me and the boys home, so we went and stayed at my parents house for a week.
The boys were in school that week, so 3 days were spent driving to town, hanging out until they got out and then driving back. The boys loved staying at Mamaw and Papaw's.

They stayed busy playing with their toys out there.

They got a story from papaw every night after bath time.

Carter had an allergist appointment, so my mom kept Evan, while I took Carter. He had to have this little back pack that he found on a stuffed bear at Mamaw's house. He filled it with little toys.

His allergist was at MCG in the children's wing and there's a person there whose job is to entertain kids. She comes by and checks on everybody, brings crayons, paper, books, toys, etc. She even came in after Carter's skin test, where he has to sit for 15 minutes without scratching his back, and she blew bubbles and played with him. It was SO nice. Too bad that was the only good thing about his allergist. I was very unhappy with the visit and have found him a new allergist and he's already been seen by the new one.

His blood test came back slightly positive to several foods that we've never avoided and so it's unclear whether it's clinically significant. At this time, we're just avoiding peanuts (which has more than doubled since last year)

The boys love riding their bikes at Mamaw's and Papaws. it was rainy and cold a few days, but their garage is big enough for the boys to ride around in.

Doesn't he just look at home?

I brought Dennis out and stuck him somewhere for them to find him when we got there. The boys got a big kick out of Dennis coming to Mamaw's house. On the day we left, I stuck Dennis in the car during their nap, for them to find when we loaded up to go home.

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