Thursday, January 9, 2014

First Week of January

I'm trying to do better about blogging this year. I'd like to update my blog 3-5 times a week and stay on top of it instead of posting 10 post in one day--a month after they've happened. It's nice to stay on top of it. It also makes it easier when I go back through my blog to look at posts or what the boys were up to, for it to be in the month it happened. So, here's what our first week in January has been like.

I ordered the boys a vintage Fisher Price cash register like I had when I was a kid (nothing makes you feel older than a toy you had as a kid being considered "vintage") and it got shipped to our old address. It ended up making it to our house about a week ago. I'm not exaggerating when I say that the boys played with only this toy for 2 days. They didn't touch another toy, they'd play with it from the time they got up until they went to bed--they LOVE it!
I loved this thing when I was a kid and I thought the boys would like it, but never dreamed that they'd love it as much as they do.

We went to the mall for Greg to return something and the boys made some friends while we were there. They were having a full on conversation with these mannequins. It was so funny.

Every time I try and take a picture with my phone, Evan wants me to turn it around so he can see himself taking the picture.

Greg and I have started eating healthier and going to the gym. He's been doing it for about a month now, very consistently and I started this month. Greg goes after he gets off work while the boys are napping. I go after dropping the boys off at preschool or in the morning with them on the days they're out of school. Saturdays are the only day we go together. Last Saturday, I worked out legs with Greg. I could hardly walk the next couple of days.

The boys have been asking to go to Chick-Fil-A a lot lately. It's been really cold, so we're not going to the park or outside, so we've been taking them there so they can play in the play area.

Carter never wants to take his coat, shoes, etc off when we get home, but I make him when we come inside. Tuesday, he insisted on napping in his hat and actually slept like this. Something else I want to remember about this day is that it was SO cold that they actually had all the schools on a 2 hour delay. It was clear and sunny, no chance of rain or snow, but just delayed schools because of how cold it was. With the wind chill it was -2, so it was pretty chilly, but I thought that was kind of funny. After a couple of days of that weather though, I felt like today's high of 49 was warm.
Like I said, we're not going to the park because of how cold it's been (and nothing usually keeps us inside except rain) so we're going kind of crazy. Wednesday, Greg needed to get his oil changed and the Honda place has a kids area, so the boys and I drove there just to let the boys play in the play area. I ended up getting a free car wash while I was there, so that was nice.

We did this puzzle a million times. The boys never got tired of it.

Greg, taking his turn, helping the boys with the puzzle.

Greg reading to the boys. It's the smallest little room and doesn't have much in it, but the boys just really like it. There's books they don't have, a few puzzles, and a couple toys and that's it, but they played for 2 hours. I think they're getting tired of being inside our house so much too.

I set up a little art nook in our laundry room for the boys and they asked to paint last night. Normally, that's an outdoor activity, but since it's been so cold and I did set up this art nook, we got it out and let them paint. They had the best time, Evan just loved mixing all the colors up.

It's supposed to warm up in the next couple of days and we are going to take full advantage of the nicer weather and go to some parks and spend some time outside.

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