Thursday, January 2, 2014

My Birthday Weekend

My birthday was on a Friday this year. Greg had the day off and my mom offered to keep the boys, so we could go to lunch. On the way to lunch, we stopped by the DMV and registered our cars in Georgia. You know you're old when you spend your birthday at the DMV. :(

Afterwards, we went to a German restaurant I've been wanting to try for a long time. It's called Augsburg Haus and I used to live in Augsburg when I was younger. I remember some of the things we ate there and was excited to see if this restaurant was as good.

There was a picture of the Christkindlemarket and I remember going there on field trips when we lived there, so that was really neat.

We started with a bratwurst appetizer, which was amazing! Our german beers were so good and we both loved our entrees. It wasn't too expensive, which was really nice. I can't wait to go back.
My friend, Brandi, probably got me the best gift ever. I don't know how I've lived without it for so long. I'm obsessed!

The next day (Saturday) my mom, sister and I took a trip to Ikea in Atlanta. Neither of them have ever been and I'd been wanting some things. So, Greg kept the boys for me and we took a fun girl's day trip to do some shopping.

I drove our van so we'd have plenty of space to put all the things we bought.

When I got home, poor Evan was sick. He had a cough for a few days and he'd cough so hard he'd throw up. It was pitiful. He had got worse while we were in Atlanta, so when I got home, I took him to the Saturday hours at their pediatrician. She diagnosed him with the flu. I can see why she thought he might have it, but Greg and I don't think it was the flu. My main concern was his lungs since he had a cough, and they sounded clear. He started feeling better the next day or so.

Here's some pictures I made my sister take while I was driving. I absolutely love Atlanta. I can't believe it was the first time we went since being back in Georgia.

As the boys get older, I think we'll be making trips to Atlanta often. There's the Coke Factory, the GA aquarium, LEGOLAND, Braves games, etc. (and plus one of my favorite friends, Emily!)

Greg and I are hoping to go back and do a Walking Dead tour this month. It's filmed in Atlanta and I'm super excited.

That pretty much sums up my birthday weekend. Probably super boring to young people, but I loved it. :)

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