Sunday, February 9, 2014

Free Birds

Last weekend was super low key. It's been so cold and we've been spending a lot of time inside--Boo!! So, this is just a random mix of the pictures I took. The boys LOVE to take off all their clothes after they get home from school or after dinner. When we see them in their underwear and ask them where their clothes went, they think it's hilarious. They will just laugh and laugh. But, I do get them dressed every day, I swear.

Lately, Evan's been wearing his hat, but not until all of his clothes have come off. That's when the hat comes out.

The biggest thing that happened last weekend was that we took them to their very first movie. It was so cold, we took them to the park and we knew we wouldn't be able to last long there and so I looked up some times and prices on my phone. I wanted to take them to see Frozen, but it's still at the "normal" theater, which would have been close to $40.00, so we decided to go to the cheap theater. It's $2.50 per ticket and it shows movies that are about to come out on dvd soon. We had no idea what to expect from them since this was their first movie, so that was even more of a reason for us to go to the cheaper theater, in case we had to leave early. We picked Free Birds which none of us had ever heard of, but we watched the trailer on my phone and it looked cute. The boys were really excited to go. So, we left the park, went and got lunch at Subway for all of us, then went to the movie. The boys were SO good. They let me get a picture of them before going in.

Then, I got one of them before the previews started.

The boys barely weighed enough to hold the seat down, the seats kept coming up and squeezing them, it was cute but the boys didn't mind one bit. The boys were PERFECT the entire movie. They sat so well, were quiet, didn't fall asleep, and they really enjoyed it. We're definitely going to make this a regular thing. It was fun.

I have a few random pictures that I took and want to post from last week. We also took the boys to McDonald's on Sunday for them to get some play time in with some other kids since it was cold and rainy outside. I cannot wait until it warms up and I don't have to go into a McDonald's play area or Chick-fil-A play area for a long time. I hate going to the same places, over and over.

We went to a playdate with our moms group on Monday. There was a birthday, and that was the only time I got a chance to get a picture of the boys--when they stopped to eat their cupcakes. They had a great time playing there that morning.

On the way home, I had to stop by the shoe store and Old Navy really quick and the boys both pet the dog on the way in and said hi and also greeted the mannequins at the front of the store. It's very cute how polite they are to those things.

I don't know what day it was, I think Tuesday. It was cold and rainy, and we didn't feel like going anywhere, so we fixed the boys some popcorn and put on a movie. They thought they were something. They never, EVER, get to eat on the couch, so they were so excited.

They've talked about this ever since, they really had fun with their popcorn and movie. They were very careful and didn't spill any of it, so we might have to be nice and let them do it again.

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