Friday, February 21, 2014

Spring Fever

We have had the best weather this week. Tuesday and Wednesday were just beautiful, with highs in the 70's. The boys didn't have school on Tuesday (it was a scheduled holiday) so we went out early to play outside. It was a little chilly when we went out there but it warmed up quick.

The boys could swing on this thing all day.

We went to Target to pick up a couple of things and then came home and went right back outside. My mom stopped by on her way to run some errands, so the boys were thrilled to see her. The boys were having so much fun outside, I just let them have lunch out there. They love getting to eat outside.

My dad stopped by when the boys woke up to check out some damage that was done to our fence during the storm. The boys were so excited, Evan said "we got to see Meemaw and Papaw today!" After he left, we went to the Fort Gordon park and let the boys play. We were having leftovers for dinner, so we were able to stay out later than we usually do. The park was pretty busy, which the boys love. They made friends with the cutest little girl and they all played the entire time together. Carter complimented her sparkly shoes (she was dressed up like Dorthey from Wizard of Oz) and they all became fast friends. We just sat on the bench the whole time while they played.
Wednesday, the boys had school. After a week off, I was ready for them to go back. ;) I went to Starbucks, Kohls, got my grocery shopping done, cooked dinner so all we'd have to do is heat it up later, etc. It was a nice little break and the boys were so happy to be back and school. They were so excited to see their teachers and friends.

When they got home, I let them play and have a snack outside before nap. It was warm, but Carter insisted on wearing his coat. I can't keep clothes on one boy and I can't get the other one to take them off. ;)

After naps, my sister came over and we went on Fort Gordon to the sand park. (I'm sure it has a name, but that's what we call it) I found a loaf of bread at Kroger for 33 cents (I'm sure everybody is tired of hearing about that--I told everybody about it!) and so I thought we could take it to go feed the ducks, have a picnic snack and the boys could play in the sand park. They like to take of their shoes and socks, so it's better to go when it's not too cold.

The boys were excited to have aunt Caroline come with us.

The boys say the cutest things to the geese and duck while they're feeding them. "come here duck, you want some of this bread? You can have some. I'll feed you" etc. I get a kick out of listening to them.

I brought fun snacks for the boys and they both wanted bread. So, they were eating with one hand and throwing some to the geese with the other.

They get pretty close. This is the only duck, the rest are geese.

Evan was so excited to take his shoes off. He had been talking about it all day. He loves the way the sand feels on his feet, he thinks it's such a treat to go barefoot.

They walked so carefully at first, just laughing.

It didn't take long before they were running and jumping around.

There was another little girl that came by later (there's never anybody there playing) and the boys had the best time with her. They were sad when she left. They said they'd have to come back again to play with her.

We went and looked at the lake one last time before leaving.

This warm weather makes me so excited for summer and I remember feeling the exact same way this time of year, every year since the boys were born. We always get a glimpse of spring in January/February, then it goes back to being cold for a little while longer before we officially hit spring time weather.

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