Friday, February 14, 2014

Calm Before the Storm

These pictures were taken on Sunday and Tuesday of this week, before the ice storm hit and closed down the city for 3 days. The boys were out of school, Greg has been out of work for 3 days, a tree fell on Greg's car (we don't think there was any damage because of the nice, thick layer of protective ice he had)we lost power for 24 hours and that was way less than my sister and parents (who still don't have power), had to throw away hundreds of dollars worth of food because of the power outage and then we finished off the week with a nice, little 5.4 magnitude earthquake. So, these are the pictures that I took before any of that mess happened.

Sunday, it was cold, but sunny, so we took the boys to the Grovetown park. It's kinda old school. I took the boys there with my mom last summer when we first moved down to Georgia and were still staying with my parents. But, when we went, it was miserably hot, a big difference from this trip where we were freezing.

They have such random, old school things for the boys to play on. The boys LOVED this park, so that's all that matters. It was nice to switch it up for them. They acted like these were spaceships.

Both boys loved the challenge of crawling across this. My instinct is to help them, but I try and stay just close enough to catch them and let them do it on their own.

They love crawling across and are just so happy when they finish it.

Carter LOVED this old school merry go round. He ran around and then would jump on it and ride it. He had the best time.

Then, Greg pushed them on the swings. They could do that all day. Not Greg, but Evan and Carter. ;)

Monday, we met a friend at Mcdonald's for a play date and then did a little shopping afterward. Tuesday was the boys only day in school this week. We knew they were calling for bad weather and that the boys school would probably be closed the rest of the week, so we went out after naps on Tuesday to Chick-Fil-A and let the boys play and eat, just in case we got iced in (which we did)

Evan asks to go to chick-fil-a every single day. It's his favorite thing to do, so when we can, we try and let them, since they have a play area where the boys can get out some energy and play with other kids. We can't wait until it warms up and we can go the parks, splash parks, etc. Carter's wearing his necklace he made at preschool in this picture.

We happened to be there when they were doing the Olympic games at Chick-Fil-A, so there was cute activities for the kids, including making a medal for them to wear. The boys loved it.

The boys also got bracelets to take home with them, they're the colors of the Olympic rings.

We tried to take advantage of getting out since we knew they were calling for bad weather. I'm glad we did because we definitely got some bad weather. My next post will be about being iced in, with no power and then getting hit with an earthquake. ;)

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