Monday, August 26, 2013

Parks in Grovetown

While the boys and I were staying with my parents, we checked out a couple new parks pretty close to where my parents live. I found these parks on the internet and had no idea what to expect when we got there.

The first park we went to was so old school and I loved it! All the equipment reminded me of stuff I used to play on as a kid. But, there it was pretty open and there was no shade and it was SO hot.

I haven't seen one of those dome things in forever. Also, notice the straight, metal slide?

There were several different things all spread out, I thought it was a fun park for the boys.

The boys loved these things. I have no idea what they're called.

Eep! Look at this old school merry go round! I didn't think parks had merry go rounds anymore. I thought Carter was going to make my mom push him on that all day.

This was before Greg had moved down, so I took even more pictures than I normally do, so I could text him little picture collages so he could see what we were up to.

I swear Carter would have let Meemaw do that all day long.

It was so hot, I think the boys would have done even more, like more climbing, etc. But, it was miserable and right in the sun.

We decided to check out another park I found online since it was so close (like a mile or two away) hoping that it would be in the shade and it was!

This one was similar as far as equipment goes, but there were a few different things. A lot of the park was in the shade, it was still hot, but it helped.

The boys love any kind of bar that they can climb.

How cute is this dinosaur riding toy?

The boys always want to swing while we're at the park. I actually like it when parks don't even have swings. I want the boys to be running around and getting that energy out.

Evan loved trying to figure this thing out.

It twists in the middle.

Carter had Meemaw push him on this most of the time we were there, but at least it was in the shade. And it was Meemaw that he wanted to push him and not me. ;) (Thanks, meemaw!)

I've never seen a merry-go-round thing like this, but the boys loved it.

I liked both of these parks, I can't wait until the weather cools off a little, and we can go back to that open one. I had actually forgot about these parks until I started going through these pictures, so I'm glad I saw them and I can add these parks into our rotation.

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