Friday, August 23, 2013

Church, Haircuts, and Birthdays.

This is another post filled with random pictures and things that I want to remember and document.

We are currently church shopping. We started with the church that the boys are going to preschool at. I loved the service, it's big-with tons of things for the kids and the people are really nice. After the service, I decided that we could just go with that one, but after thinking about it some more, I'd really like to go to service at a few more churches before we make our final decision. I really like it, but I want to make sure we're at the best place for our family and I didn't feel right making that decision without seeing what all  is out there. I'm sure I'll end up liking several of them, get more confused and regret trying out several churches. ;)

Anyways, the boys were so excited to go to church. This is Carter on our way to church. I LOVE this picture, I wish they would smile like this for me all the time, he just looks so precious.

And Evan--look at that smile. they were both so excited to go.

The boys did great in the nursery and really enjoyed it. I'm excited to try out some new churches and pick one out and start going regularly. I always enjoy going and the boys have such a fun time in the nursery.

We finally got tired of paying so much to get the boys hair cut. If we were getting it styled or if they were girls, I could justify paying so much, but we just get it so short and have it all one length. So, for as long as they have this style, Greg is going to just cut it at home. I was nervous that they wouldn't do good for him. They love going to the salon, flirting with the stylists (all the girls always make such a fuss over them and the boys just eat it up) and then getting a lollipop afterwards. But, they ended up doing SO good.

How cute is Evan looking at his hair afterwards. Sorry it's blurry, most of my pictures are. I have an iphone4 and the camera is just not that great. Not like the iphone 5. If only my sweet, loving husband would surprise me with the iphone 5 so I can capture better pictures of our boys. They're only this age once and we need nice, crisp pictures that aren't blurry. ;) (ahem. hint, hint)

The boys are obsessed with coins. Ever since I gave them pennies to throw in the fountain at the mall, they've wanted coins to play with. When we moved, we put Greg's piggy bank, which is huge and filled with tons of change, in our bedroom. So, I got the boys some pennies out of there to play with. They ask for some every time they're in our room and love to put the money back in the piggy bank. while I was doing something the other day, the boys went into our room and dumped all the money out of the piggy bank onto the floor. When I walked in, this is the look Evan gave me. They were so proud of themselves. It's so hard to be mad when he's grinning ear to ear like this and saying "I dumped it, I dumped it" as happy as can be.

They had the best time playing with that money.

We took the boys to AWANA last Wednesday night at the church they're going to preschool at. It's every Wednesday night and it runs the entire school year. The kids learn bible verses and they get a workbook to take home and the parents work on them with the kids. They say their bible verse at Awana the following week and earn badges. It's a great way for kids to learn about the bible and scripture. The boys had a blast and I was so excited about it for them, but it went a little too late. I could tell towards the end that the boys were getting tired. They start school in a couple of weeks and would have school the day after Awana, so they would be going to school tired one day a week, so we decided to wait and try it next year.

My dad's birthday was a couple of days before the boys and I let the boys help wrap his gift. This is what it turned out like. Haha. My parents and sister came over and we had pizza, cake and ice cream, and my dad opened his gifts from the boys.

The boys loved helping Papaw open his gift. They had such a great time and I love being able to do things like this now--getting together during the week for a birthday. We haven't been able to do that since we lived so far away.

This is one of my favorite pictures! Look at Evan's face!! Look how excited he is about the screw organizer they got Papaw, they were with me when I bought it, they helped wrap it, it wasn't a toy or anything exciting, but they were just so happy. It was so cute.

I started my first bible study on Tuesday. The first two Tuesdays, the boys go into the nursery--which they love, but after that, they'll be in school. So, on Tuesdays for the next 10 weeks, I'll drop them off at school and then go to a women's bible study. I'm excited for another way to meet some new people and I've heard so many good things about Beth Moore bible studies, I'm excited to do one. After bible study, I took the boys to Chick-Fil-A to let them play and have some yogurt.

Now that the boys are 3, they're in a new kid zone at the gym. The boys were so excited to go in the 3-5 room. They have so much fun! It didn't get a great picture (if only I had the iphone 5) but I wanted to get one of each of them in there.

They love playing at the gym and ask to go there a lot. It makes it hard to be lazy and skip the gym when the boys are begging to go.

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