Thursday, August 22, 2013

Market on the River

A few Saturdays ago, Greg and I took the boys to the Market on the River. It's the Augusta farmer's market that's held every Saturday from April to October in downtown Augusta. I really wanted to go, so I was so excited that we had a nice Saturday that it wasn't raining so we could check it out. I was really surprised that it wasn't crazy downtown. We had no problem parking (for free!) right next to the Farmer's Market. They normally have a splash pad in the middle of the market for the kids to play in, but it wasn't running. That's why the boys are wearing their swimming trunks.

We didn't spend much time looking at the booths because the boys kept us moving, but they had a lot of neat vendors there with a variety of food items, crafts, etc.

This one rarely gets tired, but he decided he wanted to be carried for a little while.

They had a pet organization there with animals that needed to be adopted. The boys love animals and they're are so cute with them.

I forgot my good camera and had to take pictures with my phone. It was sunny and I could not get good pictures, but the Riverwalk downtown is SO nice. It was right next to the Farmer's Market. That land on the other side of the Savannah river is South Carolina. I can't wait to go back with my camera and get some good pictures.


We didn't walk around, but I've heard there's a park off Riverwalk, so we need to go back and walk it and let the kids play at the park. There were ducks in the river, which the boys loved seeing.

They had these fun swings that the boys love to sit in, that you could sit and just enjoy the view.

After we got done looking around, we bought the boys some fresh peaches and let them have one before we left. They LOVE peaches and they were very excited to eat these.

I tried to take advantage of their excitement and get a quick picture before we gave them the peaches. Getting a good picture of these two, looking at the camera is so hard. I love the one on the top right of Carter, he was so excited but he looks miserable in that picture. One of them is always touching their face or looking away or has their eyes closed. This is how many pictures I take just to get one decent one, and the "decent" ones aren't usually that good!

Since the splash pad at the farmer's market wasn't running, we took the boys by one on the way home. I think the park we went to is so pretty. There's a walking trail around the park, gazebos, two playgrounds, a splash pad, and tons of trees. The boys had a blast playing in the water.

We've taken them to some really good splash parks with all the bells and whistles but they're just as happy as this splash pad that just has water coming up a hole in the ground.

On the way home, we stopped at lunch at one of our favorite places-Firehouse Subs. It's my favorite sub shop--ever. We LOVED this place when we lived in Atlanta. We didn't have one in Charlottesville, so we would get this when we'd come to visit my family over the holidays. We love sandwiches and have a lot of sandwich places that we really like, but this is definitely our favorite. Plus, kids eat free on Sundays and Wednesdays. You get two free kids meals with the purchase of one adult meal, which is perfect because Greg and I always split a meal. The boys get a free fireman hat when we go, they have a drink machine that makes pretty much any flavor drink you can imagine (cherry coke, vanilla dr. pepper, grape sprite, strawberry lemonade, etc)

The boys like this place too, so that's a plus.

We had so much fun on this Saturday. It was one of the first Saturdays in Augusta after moving into our house, that we had an entire day to just do something fun as a family. I love getting out and doing new things here and since we just moved here, there's a lot of new things for us to try.  



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