Monday, August 26, 2013

Staying at Meemaw's and Papaw's

While trying to get caught up on blogging, I came across all the pictures I took while the boys and I were staying at my parents, when we first moved here. I wanted to post these on my blog, so I'll do a few posts on our time at my parents house.

The first day we got here, Aunt Caroline and I took the boys to McDonald's to play and get ice cream.

We were spoiled with good food while staying at my parents. The boys are still in their picky stage, so they didn't take full advantage of all the yummy food, but they definitely eat better for my parents than they do for us. They love going outside while my dad is grilled and getting little "samples" of what he's making.

We took the boys to Chick-Fil-A a couple of times. My parents do not live close to town, so our trips were far and few between.

It rained a lot while we were at my parents, so I made sand bins and water bins that the boys could play with on the front porch and on the back deck. The boys really liked these.

We kept the pool on my parents deck so it would be in the shade (or away from the rain on rainy days) and it was so easy to just let them go out there and play for a few minutes.

The boys went down to the garden one night with Papaw to help him.

Evan wanted to take this watermelon back to the house right then, it wasn't quite ready yet, though.

The boys had so much fun at the garden. I've only taken them fruit picking before--peaches, apples, strawberries, things that you can eat right off the plant/tree. Carter put a couple of peppers in his mouth and we had to catch him before he bit into them. He thought he could just sit down there and eat the jalapenos, banana peppers, etc.

Two kittens came up to my parents house and stayed on the porch. They were young, clean, and looked fed, so we think the owners may have dropped them off right next to the house. It was so sad, they were very sweet. They stuck around a couple of days before we could take them to the humane society. This one came down to the garden to help too.

They boys loved the cats. We didn't want them getting attached and Carter is allergic to cats. He's never shown a reaction, but when he gets his annual allergy testing, cats came up positive. So, keeping them was out of the question for us.

We tried potty training the boys while at my parents house and made some progress. Then, we moved into our new house and I undid all the progress we made. I'm so upset with myself. When we moved in, I just couldn't watch them every second to make sure they weren't having an accident somewhere, but I wish I would have put on getting unpacked and settled a little longer until they were completely potty trained. Now, I'm having to start all over. and I hate potty training. :( This is a picture of the set up we had on the couch in case they had accidents--and as you can see, they both are sitting on the tiny area that the towel didn't cover. Of  course.

More cat pictures. There was another one, but she was shy. This one was not-at all!

The water bin was a mess, but the boys loved it. It was something different from playing in the pool or water table. But, we had to put a sheet under it to catch the pebbles and stuff.

Getting even closer to being caught up and I can't wait.

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