Friday, August 23, 2013

Pools and Parks




 When we moved here, we knew we wanted to join a gym. We toured 3 different gyms near our house and decided to go with the YMCA. We toured one gym that was so nice--it had a movie theater filled with cardio equipment, so you could work out and watch a movie AND it was even cheaper than the YMCA (which isn't very expensive anyways) but, it didn't have a great childcare center or a pool. We decided at this stage in our life we needed a family gym, so we went with the YMCA. The membership we have allows us to use any location and there's 3 very close to us. One of them has the best outdoor pool and splash pad, it was really what sold us on the Y. We took the boys there a few weekends ago and they loved it! There's a deep pool that we took them in, but I couldn't get any pictures since I was in the pool with them, but they are like little fish. They just love to "swim" in their puddle jumpers and have no fear when it comes to jumping in.

I love this little kiddie pool with the waterfall and so did the boys, especially Evan.

Yes, they are holding hands!! Could they be any cuter, seriously?! Evan wanted Carter to go under the waterfall with him, so he was taking his hand to help him.

They had such a ball, I would love to take them there during the day, but I'm a little nervous to go there with both of them by myself. They have no fear about jumping in, but they do have puddle jumpers, several life guards and they are getting better about listening and knowing what they should and shouldn't do, so I probably need to try it before it gets too cold to go.

We have several great parks near us. I've been taking pictures over the past couple months when we go, so I just wanted to post a few for my memory. The boys love this spider web at Evans Towne Center, it really challenges them, but they are persistent and will go from one end to the other.

Evans Towne Center also has so much climbing. There's a huge thing in the middle of the park that's 3 stories tall with ladders, a rock climbing wall, this thing that Carter's on, and it has two slides at the top. The boys really get out their energy here.

I've learned that Carter obviously has no fear of heights, he likes to get to the top of the 3 story playground and do this. He's just sitting in that looking down.

There's another park, that's right across the road from Evan's Towne Center, that's also really great. It has lots of fun, interesting things that I've never seen at a park, like this thing. The boys love trying out all the new things.
I love parks that have musical toys to play with. The boys love being loud. ;)

More climbing.

This rock wall is intended for older kids, the boys have to work really hard on placing their feet and hands in the right spots in order to get to the top, but they love it. The boys love things that challenge them physically. They are very persistent and after they finish it, they want to do it over and over again, until they've mastered it. You can see Evan's poor little face, the boys get so hot when they're at the park. Between the heat, humidity and how hard the boys play, they get hot whether we go early in the morning, during the day or in the evening.

I have a couple more random posts until I get caught up. I'm so glad to be back to blogging.

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  1. I'm thrilled you are back to blogging, too, since I have enjoyed watching the boys grow. I feel a part of your lives.