Thursday, August 29, 2013

Early July

Another catch up post about our stay with my parents. (and a couple of our first few days at our house) Mainly just some random pictures I want to be able to look back on.

I love my parents house, I love all their land and how pretty it was. It was so peaceful to go out on the porch. Well, as peaceful as being on a porch with two toddlers can be. ;)

The boys have desks set up in one of their rooms at my parents and they love to sit and color. They each colored my parents anniversary card. I love not having the pressure to write something touching in cards anymore, I just hand it to the boys and let them color away! :)

The boys love Papaw, and they have him wrapped around their finger. Anytime Carter could, he'd sit in Papaw's lap and have Papaw feed him. And Papaw would do it.

The boys played hard at my parents house. You know they're exhausted when Evan is laying his head down. During snack.

This was the best picture I could get on 4th of July. Seriously. They're outfits were cute, they looked so cute, but I could not get a decent picture.

Evan in his shirt from Grandma Westover. I love these shirts and think they're so cute.

We went to the mall a couple of times. The play area there is so much better than the mall we went to in Charlottesville. The boys have such a blast there. (another shirt from Grandma Westover that the boys love so much and have actually fought over a couple times)

We went furniture shopping with the boys to get a new couch and love seat (and ottoman) to replace the set we sold in Virginia. Furniture shopping with the boys was not fun, and they felt the same way.

Greg thinks it's so creepy that I check on the boys before I go to bed, but they're so cute when they're sleeping!

The boys could jump all day every day, especially Carter. He told me the other night when I was trying to brush his teeth, after I scolded him for jumping while I was doing it, "I just want to jump, mom!"

The boys will make up the funniest games. They will pretend to be babies, monsters, crocodiles, pirates, wizards, super heros, cats, etc. It's so funny.

More mall pictures. I think they like it so much because there's so much to climb.

Carter always makes me so nervous on this giant golf ball, he'll climb up there and stand on it like king of the mountain.

The boys LOVE the fountain at the mall. I always have to make sure I have plenty of pennies for them to throw in when we go to the mall. I have actually made it to the mall and this fountain, several time, with both boys, by myself and they have yet to jump in! I consider that a parenting win!

Every single time we leave the mall (even if it's raining) the boys have to climb this wall and walk the wall out to the parking lot and jump down.

The two parks we go to most have little splash pads at them, so we've started carrying two pairs of swimming trunks in the car, in case we make an unexpected stop at the park. It's been so cool the past couple of days and all the pumpkin stuff is out in the stores. I love fall and it's hard not to get so excited, but I'm trying to enjoy each season. I hated last winter-it was so cold and rainy and I couldn't wait until summer and seeing pictures of them playing in the water makes me in no rush for fall. I know the boys just love being able to do things like this.

The splash pad isn't very big and there's usually only a couple kids playing in that area.

They love this thing that you can use to aim the water at people.

After we went to the splash pad that day, Greg and I took the boys to Mellow Mushroom. I have to post the pictures of this because the boys were so good and ate so good. Eating out isn't a breeze and there's still times when we go and they are impatient and wild, but overall, it's been so much easier lately.

I think they are just so cute when they're sitting and coloring at the table.

I had the hardest time getting a clear picture (if only I had a phone with a better camera)

We toured a preschool and the boys and I loved it. So, they are signed up and start Tuesday, September 3rd. They'll be going three days a week, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. We've done the tour, dropped off the paperwork, and had parent orientation. It's also the place where I have bible study every Tuesday morning, so the boys are very familiar with the area and when I dropped them off today for bible study, they just ran in and started playing and couldn't care less that I left.

More pictures of the mall

The boys and I went with Aunt Caroline to a Farmer's Market that's held at the park. It was fun to go through and check out the booths and let the boys play afterwards.

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