Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Greetings from Augusta

Hey! It's been 2 long months since I've updated my blog. We've been busy since moving to Georgia, but I really want to get back into blogging. I love having this little digital scrapbook of our family, it's so much fun to look back on and I want to try and keep up with it. A little recap- the boys and I moved down to Georgia about a week and a half before Greg did. He came down a couple of days before July 4th. The people that are renting our house moved later that same week that Greg moved out and they signed a year long lease--yay! We stayed with my parents for a couple of weeks before moving into their old house that they kept after building their new one. Greg started his new job and we've been trying to get unpacked and settled. I finally transferred the pictures that I've been taking the past couple of months over to my computer. I'm not going to try and blog about every single thing we've done for the past two months, but for memory's sake, I'd like to do a couple of posts of the past couple of months.

We still aren't completely unpacked and settled in yet. The boys don't start preschool until September, so that's when I expect to finish up with everything. Because we aren't finished getting settled in, I haven't taken many pictures of the house/yard, etc. But, I did get this one of the boys playing in our new backyard. It's pretty big and I LOVE the trees.

I have a couple of good friends here that I've kept in touch with since high school. We had a play date with my friend, Melissa and her daughter a couple times. They live close by and her daughter is 5 and they have a pool that the boys just love to play in.
The boys are adjusting great to the move. They're still rambunctious, wild, and happy. My parents did some renovations on their old house and finished the garage for us, making it a playroom/den. It's perfect for the boys to have a place for all of their toys, even if they try and fit every single one of them under their tent. ;)

We are living less than 30 minutes from my parents house. It's SO nice. They have it set up with rooms for the boys with plenty of toys to play with when we go there.

I signed the boys up for a church preschool that starts the day after Labor Day. The church is pretty big and has lots of events and things for kids and parents. They had a Launch Party at the end of July with several bounce houses and fun activities for the kids and information about some things coming up in the fall. The boys even got to try cotton candy for the first time!

We decided not to get cable and instead, we signed up for Netflix. We've been getting the boys some Disney movies that they haven't seen. All three boys watched Brave and Greg liked it so much that we ended up watching the rest of it after the boys went to bed. :)

I joined a local Moms Club (these pictures are from our first play date with the Moms club) I was in the Charlottesville chapter when we lived in Virginia and was so happy to find out there was one in Augusta that I could join. The moms that I've met so far have been really nice.
It's actually rained a ton since we've been here. A TON!! But, when it's not raining, we try and take advantage of the sunny weather and let the boys play outside.

I haven't unpacked all our boxes or set up our house yet, but I managed to find time to do a little crafting. :) I made a UGA wreath for our door.

My sister bought a house about 3 miles from where we're living! It's so nice to have my parents and sister so close. We've been spending a lot of time with Aunt Caroline. I cannot tell you how excited I am to live so close that we can just meet up whenever. A few weeks ago, we just told her we were going to Chick-Fil-A and she joined us. It's so nice to see family without having to pack the van up and drive 10 hours!
My dad can just stop by on his way home from work. We love our quick little visits from Papaw.

I've taken advantage of living near Hobby Lobby. My mom has come by a few times and kept the boys so I could go shopping without them. I think I've gone to Hobby Lobby every time, but I've still managed to find a reason to go there with the boys. Their carts are small, but we make it work.

The boys are getting easier and easier to go out to dinner with. Greg and I have taken them a few times to sit down restaurants since we've been here and it's gone so well.

I know this has been a random post, but I wanted to post some pictures that I've taken of the boys the past couple months and jot down some things so I can have for memory's sake. I have a couple of posts that I want to do on specific things we've done, like the Farmer's Market, the boys 3rd birthday, Carter's little hospital stay, etc. Then, I'll be caught up and can get back into the swing of blogging regularly.

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