Monday, February 10, 2014

Swim Lessons

Saturday morning, the boys had their first ever swim lessons. We've been wanting to do this for awhile and had decided to sign them up last year, but we ended up moving here over the summer. I'm glad we didn't sign them up last year because after seeing them today and how ready they were, I think now is the perfect time for them to start.

We don't have to be at swim lessons until 10:30 on Saturdays, so that means lots of lazy time in the morning and not much rushing, which is nice. (they do not sleep in our bed, they hopped in before Greg could make it)

This little orange thief helped himself to my breakfast.

It was cold outside, but the I wanted to get a quick picture outside before we went inside the pool area. The boys were very excited.

I love this picture. I should probably edit it, but that takes work.

We sat on the bleachers on the other side of the pool while the boys did their first ever swim lessons. The teacher told us that we could leave, some parents go to Target, whatever. There was no way I was leaving. I was a nervous wreck watching them, I can only imagine how I'd be if I left.

The boys did really good, I posted the videos I took on my youtube page. They are in the level 1 class and it's 4 weeks long. We'll take a month off and then we'll enroll them in the level 2 class at the end of April. Then, we'll work with them on what they learned and then enroll them in the level three over the summer. I'm excited for them to learn how to swim, but I'm more excited about them learning a little water safety. I'm hoping that these lessons make taking both of them to the pool by myself over the summer, much easier.

The boys were pumped up after their swim lessons, so we went to lunch and then came home and let them play in the back yard. They were behind the shed and being quiet, so I checked on them and this is what I found. Oh, these boys.

During naptime, I worked on a couple of wreaths I've been wanting to make.

After nap, we took the boys to the park. It's been the nicest day we've had in a while, still chilly, but not cold. Apparently, everybody else thought that too and this park was busier than we've ever seen it, which was good--it gave the boys more kids to play with.

After the boys got done playing, we drove to another park on a lake with geese and ducks and we had a picnic dinner and I brought a loaf of bread that was going stale for the boys to feed the geese. The boys had the best time. Evan could hardly concentrate on eating his food. Carter had quite the conversation with one geese, explaining to him that he was eating, but if this geese was hungry and needed anything at all, for him to just let Carter know and Carter would take care of it. Haha, it was so cute.

We cannot wait for the weather to be warmer and the sun to stay up later.

I think we all enjoyed our picnic lunch and all of us (even Greg) enjoyed feeding the geese.

We watched them very closely, I've heard geese can be a little mean, so we watched them and the boys very carefully the whole time.

I thought we had a nice, little Saturday, especially for February. I have spring fever bad--I can hardly wait until it warms up. So, it was nice to have a Saturday that was full of fun things especially some of those things included being outside and not freezing to death.

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