Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Swim Lessons

Saturday, the boys had their second swim practice. Evan is still not happy that it's held indoors instead of being outside, but they were excited. They did really well. They were the first ones to get to their class, the other two girls in their class were about 15 minutes late, so the boys got some one on one time with the instructor, which was nice. At the end, they take off the floaties and she has them jump in the water. Carter was so excited at how well Evan was doing, he was cheering him on and when Evan got out of the water, Carter hugged him. It was SO cute!! I love how excited and happy he was for Evan.

Here's some videos that I took of what they did. They're about 20 seconds long. I'm sitting outside the pool area, so I'm taking this on my phone, through glass and on zoom, so it's not great.

Sunday morning, we took the boys to the car wash. We needed to get the van washed and figured the boys might find it entertaining.

Afterwards, we went out to lunch. We threw away a fridge full of food because of the power outage last week, so we were on our way to the grocery store.

Evan loves the chips and salsa. He has to have an entire salsa bowl to himself and would be happy if none of us touched the chip basket so he could have it all to himself.

Earlier that morning, we had gone to a park and there was nobody there and boys asked us to take them to one with kids to play with, so after nap, we went to another park. The weather was beautiful and after our ice storm, everybody was happy to be outside. We got lemonades and stayed at the park as long as we could.

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