Sunday, February 9, 2014

Day at Mamaw & Papaw's

Friday, I took the boys over to my parent's house. It felt like it had been forever since we'd been out there. It hadn't, but it's funny how going a few days now feels like forever when we used to go several months without seeing them.

The boys were so excited to go out there and we were all even more excited because it was supposed to be sunny and in the 50's, so they got to play outside a lot. When we got there, the boys played with their toys, did puzzles, ate snacks, but then they wanted to go outside and play and "go on adventurous"

Evan decided to just take off, but he stopped and came back when we hollered at him to come back.

Everything on my parents land is something fun to investigate to 3 year olds. Evan kept saying he was going to go on an adventure and even took me and Mamaw and Carter with him. It consisted of just walking around the property, but he loved it.

This is what he did when I said "say cheese, smile for the camera"

The boys go to play with sidewalk chalk and ride their bikes. They were so happy.

I drew a hopscotch for the boys and they loved it, especially Evan. Carter could really just ride his bike the entire time he's out there and be perfectly happy.

Evan went around and around doing it several times.

Took a break to terrorize Carter or whatever he's doing here.

Then, he recruited Mamaw and Papaw to jump hopscotch with him.

The boys had a blast. They ate tons of food (goodies that we don't have at our house, like pears or fruity cheerios) They played with toys they haven't played with in awhile, They played ball with Papaw, practicing on their soccer skills for the upcoming season :) They just had such a great time.

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