Monday, December 22, 2014

Snow Mountain

When we decided to do the Stone Mountain Christmas and stay in a hotel, we decided to go ahead and do Snow Mountain. So, Saturday morning, we got up and headed across the street to Snow Mountain. Our tubing time was 10-12, so we packed up and checked out of the hotel before we headed over to Snow Mountain.

We went to Snow Mountain in January and had lots of fun. That was what we asked for as a Christmas gift last year (we also got zoo season passes and tickets to do a Walking Dead Tour in Atlanta)  and I'm so glad we did. We ended up upgrading our Snow Mountain tickets then to the year long membership and have been several times this year. I think tickets and memberships are a great gift! The boys have enough toys and Greg and I don't need anything. We actually did the same thing this year and asked for tickets somewhere instead of gifts.

While we were standing in line to go tubing, I got a few pictures of the boys.

Evan with his "I'm not taking a picture face"

But, he was super excited!

It was hard to know how to dress this time. We knew we'd be eventually playing in the snow, but it was pretty warm. We actually went down in the family tube once and Greg made a quick trip back to the car with some of our extra layers because we were already starting to get hot.

We went in one big tube as a family first. It was fun and it goes down so fast. Didn't phase the boys, but it always scares me.

This year the boys were tall enough to go down in a tube by themselves, so while Greg made a trip to the car, I took the boys up and we all went down in our own tube. The boys didn't even hesitate, they weren't scared at all. I was scared, though. Very scared. For me and for them. But, they did great.

Going down like a big boy.

Look how tiny he is in that tube.

After going down in the tubes a few more times, we headed over to the snow area for the boys to play. We were all exhausted. The day before, we all had got up super early, and with the drive and activities the day before, everybody was just tired. So, we didn't spend as much time in the snow area as we did last time we came, but we stayed long enough for the boys to play and have a good time.

Evan's favorite part was throwing snow balls. He would laugh so hard after hitting me with a snowball, it never got old to him, it was just as funny the 10th time as it was the first time.

Stone Mountain

Carter throwing a snow ball at me.

There was a neat fort with tunnels and things for the kids to go through.

The boys had so much fun. This is where they spent most of their time.

Evan made a snowball in there and as soon as he came out, he was ready.

haha. look at how happy he is!

Since we were there so early, the boys didn't have a hard time finding shovels, buckets, molds, etc. to play in the snow with.

The only reason Evan filled these up and made the ice cube molds was to jump on them afterwards and destroy them. He did this over and over several times.

Playing some more in the fort.

Carter digging away.

After the boys played for awhile, we took off their snow boots, pants, and coats, and let them go to the Great Barn. They played in there for quite awhile. The boys are obsessed with pennies and I've always thought these penny souvenirs would be perfect for them. I've seen these at the zoo and keep meaning to get them one there. It's only 51 cents and you get a penny with something about Stone Mountain (or wherever you're at) on it. I told the boys when it was time to leave the Great Barn (which they never want to do) that it was time to go home but we were going to go get a special penny for each of them first. It completely took their mind off the fact that we were leaving their favorite place.

They were so excited to turn the handle and insisted on doing it completely on their own.

Carter taking his turn.

On the way out, we got a few more pictures of the boys. You also might notice that they have considerably less hair than they did the day before. Greg gave them each a haircut in the hotel. It was driving us crazy and they had needed a haircut for quite awhile.

This was our last trip on our membership. Our memberships expire in January and we won't get a chance to go back again. We decided not to renew this year. It's a long drive and we have to go a few times to make it worth the money. There's some other places we want to go to, so we're going to take a year off from Stone Mountain and go to some other places in 2015. We all really enjoy Stone Mountain, so we're planning on doing the membership again in 2016. You can read about our other trips to Stone Mountain here, here, and here.

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