Tuesday, December 16, 2014


My birthday was on the 6th. Greg took the boys out to get me gift cards earlier that week (and they had actually kept it a secret) and they made little cards to wrap around them. They were going to give them to me at my birthday dinner at my parents, but they were so excited that they gave them to me that morning. They were so cute, Carter gave me a Starbucks gift card and told me I could buy some yummy hot cocoa with it (they know the Starbucks logo!) and then Evan gave me an iTunes giftcard, there's an apple on the front, so he said "and here's a gift card for you and you can buy apples with it" hahaha!!! So precious.

I wasn't expecting anything because I had asked to go to Stone Mountain and stay overnight at the hotel right there next to the park and do the Christmas stuff the night we got there and the Snow mountain part when we got up the next day. That was enough for me (that and the small fortune I spent on Thirty One things for myself the week before my birthday) so it was a surprise and it was very sweet to see how excited the boys were about giving me a present.

We had plans to go to my parents for lunch, but we stopped by Michael's first. They have kids club on Saturdays where they do a cute craft with kids. It's $2.00 a kid, so I checked online to see what they were going to be making and it was super cute, so we checked it out. It was actually the same woman that came to chick-fil-A two days before and made ornaments with the kids. So, Evan immediately recognized her and told her so! She's really good with kids and the boys had a blast making their little elf ornaments with her.

The boys actually listened really well to the instructions.

Afterwards, we slipped into Petsmart next door and checked out the fish, cats, and birds.

Carter let me take a picture of his elf ornament while were driving to my parents house. I think they're cute. Evan did not want me taking a picture of him or his ornament.

My parents had delicious steak, potatoes, grilled onions, beans and rolls for my birthday dinner. Mmmmmm......So yummy. I think it's safe to say that Evan likes him some steak too. :)

After steak, my mom made a Paula Deen Strawberry cake with homemade frosting. It was so moist and delicious. At least to me, apparently nobody else in the family are big fans of strawberry cake, the sacrifices they make for me. Awww....

While the boys ran off their sugar rushes, my mom and I got to crafty--it's not just for toddlers. ;) I didn't have a wreath for our front door and I also wanted on for the inside of the back door. First, I made a silver and blue one that will be on the inside of our back door, near our tree with the blues and silvers. I love how it turned out. It's not perfect, but I'm really happy with it.

I started on one for my front door, but didn't finish it, so I'll have to post that in another blog post. That night, we went to Lights Before Christmas at the zoo, but I'm doing a different post on that. I ended up having a great birthday, spending it with family, good food, presents, got some crafting done,and then ending it with a fun outing, It was a good birthday, I LOVE making goal lists every year, around my birthday of things I want to accomplish by my next birthday. I'll probably do one for this birthday too. I don't ever do but half the stuff on my list, but I just like having it, in black and white, goals to strive for. I'll probably do one again this year, and if I do, I'll post it on my blog.

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