Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Random November Happenings

Catch up time again. I'm finally finished with my first semester back to school. But, I managed to get an "A" in both my anatomy and physiology class and in microbiology, so I'm happy, even if I did get behind on blogging (and everything else--especially housework) This first post is just some random pictures I took throughout the month of November. I think the rest of my catch up posts have points to them, like based on something fun we did.

The boys teacher sends home worksheets and activities that they didn't have time for in class so that we can work on them at home. She sent home a really cute bone worksheet along with bone shaped candy to use with it. The boys had so much fun doing that.

I took the boys out clothes shopping for our Christmas pictures. I LOVED these pajamas. I thought they were so precious, but they ended up clashing with something that was going to be in the photoshoot, so we didn't get them. (You can see that Evan still has red paint on his nose from dressing up like a scarecrow for school)

The boys had to dress up like scarecrows for school one day, and the teacher suggested just using your imagination and using stuff you already had. This was the best I could come up with that didn't require me to buy anything new. I found some cute ideas that I could have made, but it was a hard week with my school and I just didn't have time to do anything more with the costumes. :( The boys thought they were something, though. ;)

We've decided to start doing movie night once a week. We were going out for pizza, but with drinks, appetizers, tip, it can get expensive, so we decided to combine pizza night and movie night and it's been so much fun. We watched Tangled one night because Greg hadn't seen the entire movie (plus, I LOVE it and so do the boys). We have several like that where one or both of us have only seen the beginning or end of the movie, so we started with ones we wanted to see, since we knew the boys would like anything we picked. Now that it's Christmas time, we've been picking Christmas movies.

We've been trying to get to church. We went to Sunday school once in November. I really like the church we go to, the boys love it and it's where my weekly moms bible study meets. We just need to get there more often. Here's the boys posing outside before we went in.

The boys specifically told me to take this picture so I could show "mamaw how cool their shirts are" haha. I forgot all about it until I was going through getting pictures to catch up on my blog.

We've been in Kohl's a few times this past month, they've been having some great sales and also some coupons that you have to use in the store. Every time we go in, the boys just play and play with the Imaginext toys that are on display. Especially the Bat Cave and the Castle, hopefully they play with it as well when they open it on Christmas morning.

I wish all stores had toy displays like this, the boys are so good and quiet while playing with it.

We were able to go to story time at Barnes and Noble in November. My mom came with us, it's always nice to have company on our fun little day activities. The boys really love the Barnes and Noble story time. We've tried a few different libraries, but they definitely prefer B&N over library story time.

The boys were super excited that the mall tree was out.

The boys had their Thanksgiving feast at school and looked so precious!!

A different group of moms put on each party. Me and two others were responsible for the Halloween party, 3 different moms were responsible for the Thanksgiving party and another set are responsible for the Christmas party. I think the Thanksgiving moms did an amazing job, there were some really cute little details and the boys really enjoyed the party.

Look at this sweet Thanksgiving craft the boys did. The ribbon is attached to both of their tiles, so I was able to hang it up when we got home. I love this.
Another movie night. We always pull out the couch and cover it with a sheet so we can stretch out and eat without worrying about crumbs, we just take it off afterwards and wash it.
The boys and I went to the library a couple of times to get some books. They love going into the little reading nooks and looking over the books they picked out.

We had a playdate at the mall with Cooper, which is as fun for me as it is for the boys because I really enjoy hanging out with his mom.

It had been a while since we had been in the mall play area, so they played really well for quite awhile.

Evan and Cooper.

Of course, the boys have to sit on all the riding machines before we leave even though I don't put money in them. :)

I think that's most of the random pictures I have, I have several more posts to get caught up.

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