Monday, October 27, 2014

Stone Mountain Pumpkin Festival

A couple weekends ago, Greg and I took the boys to Stone Mountain. We have season tickets and are trying to get there once a season. We went for "Snow Mountain" in January, we went when the weather warmed up and then we went for their Pumpkin Festival that they have for the whole month of October. We're hoping to get down there for their Christmas festival, too. It's about a 2.5 hour drive down there, which isn't too bad.

The weather was absolutely perfect when we went, sunny and in the 70's. We got there when they opened around 10.

We realized after taking these first couple pictures that Carter managed to put his jeans on backwards. Haha, so we went and changed him after these pictures.

The first thing we went to was The Barn. The boys loved this last time, so we wanted to make sure they had plenty of time to play there. There was hardly anybody in there yet, so we let the boys play awhile and then we went by there again before leaving.

It was so weird to see it so empty.

Next, we went to the place that the splash pad is. They had the splash pad part turned off and the kids could just climb and play around. The boys had a blast.

I feel like we were the only parents that didn't go on it with their kids, but the boys knew what they were doing.

This was the way you had to come down, which a lot of parents realized after it was too late. You should have seen all those grown adults trying to get down this, haha. It's easy for kids, not so easy for adults.

We walked through the little town and there was a guy making these enormous bubbles for the kids.

We went to the pumpkin area next. They had some fun photo places set up, a place to dress up pumpkins, coloring, etc.

The boys coloring their sheet.

Carter wanted a picture of his sheet.

We made our way up to the train and got on that next. We didn't have to wait in line, so it worked out great. It was also a nice little break after the boys had been playing for awhile. We had packed a lunch, so the boys ate it on the train.

Haha, my little goobers.

This is Evan's face anytime he knows I'm taking a picture. He is such a little stinker. He'll be smiling and happy but as soon as I say "say cheese", he does this.

Carter will still smile for me. :)

The train ride was really nice.

Next, we went to a 4D movie (3D, with special effects, like water, wind, etc) I wasn't sure how the boys would do and if it'd be too much for them. But, they ended up loving it. I think there were a few parts that would have been scary if Greg and I weren't right there with them. They LOVED the rain and getting wet, they thought that was so funny.

A picture with the pumpkin. Again, there was no line at all. We got really lucky. It started to pick up as the day went on, but getting there early worked out for us. Look at Evan's little hand on his hip.

The boys had so much fun on the top of the mountain. We were right next to the sweetest lady in the Skyride that had grandkids, so she was talking to the boys the whole way up, I think she got them even more excited than they already were.

There were tons of puddles--and of course, that was the boys favorite part. They'd find little pebbles and throw them in.

On the Skyride back down.

We had a great time. The boys really enjoyed it. We went to the Barn one more time and let the boys play for while before heading home. 2.5 hours isn't bad, but it means being in the car for at least 5 hours all together, so it makes for a long day. It's definitely worth it, though.

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