Sunday, October 5, 2014

Cooler Weather

Last week, it finally started cooling down a little bit. One day we left the house for school and it was quite a bit colder out than I expected, but we had to get to school and if I would have went back in and found their coats, we would have been late, so the poor boys had to go in their short sleeves and shorts. The first thing Evan said was "'s cold, we get to get hot cocoa!" he's been wanting some all summer and I told him when the weather cooled off, that we'd get some. Of course he remembered.

I took the boys to Starbucks after picking them up from school to get them a hot cocoa. It was packed inside and there was nowhere to sit. It was windy outside and the chairs were all wet from the last time it rained, so we went and had our drinks (I got a pumpkin spice latte) in the van before going to the store for a few things.

The many faces of Carter drinking hot cocoa.
Haha, look at that happy boy. He drank his a lot slower than Carter, which is the complete opposite of what normally happens, but I think he wanted it to last. He loves hot cocoa.
We had to run to Walmart for a couple of things, so they brought their hot cocoa's in to drink while I shopped.

When we got home, the boys wanted to color and draw. Carter drew this for me and said it was a hot dog. How cute is that?! So talented!! ;)

Yes, there's 3 pictures of it. I was very impressed. He can already draw a hot dog better than I can, so that was exciting to me.

While we were at Walmart and it was chilly and we were drinking out Pumpkin Spice Latte's and hot cocoas, I may have been on a "fall" high and bought all things fall while we were in there. I've tried all these scents out already and I love every single one. I will be going back to stock up.

Also, these things sucked me in. The ghost cookies were a request from Evan, but I have nobody to blame for every single other item. Oops.

On another note, I had bought some pudding for the boys because I realized that they are 4 and have never had a pudding cup. Ever. I don't know how this happened, but it did. So, I gave the boys their pudding cups and they loved them. It was so fun seeing how excited they were about something so simple, but I also felt a little guilty, how do you forget to feed your kids pudding?

Evan was not messing around and inhaled his pudding cup.

Carter kept laughing and got so tickled about it. They both thought it was delicious--obviously, it's chocolate pudding, what's not to love.

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