Thursday, October 9, 2014


The boys have been super into coloring, cutting, drawing, and writing their letters lately. Our fridges are covered with pictures because Evan will take his play magnets and hang up every picture they draw. This has nothing to do with this post, but was taken on the same day as these pictures, so it got included. ;)

For the past month or so, I've been talking to the boys about what they wanted to be for Halloween. I knew it'd change a lot, so I wanted to get started early. I've always just picked their costumes for them and I really wanted to do that this year and dress them in a theme. I'm glad I decided to let them pick because they've been so excited since the first time I mentioned it. We walk the Halloween section of every store, every time we shop. They pick a different costume every single time. I saw on the boys calendar that they got to dress up like community helpers at school, so I decided to steer them toward a costume that they could wear for that and for Halloween. We saw some good ones at Costco, they were better quality than a lot of the other ones we've seen and cheaper. So, the boys and I went last Wednesday when the got out of school and picked their costumes out. I've read a lot of blogs where they keep it a surprise until Halloween, haha, I had these pictures on Instagram and Facebook about 2 seconds after they tried these on.

Evan picked an "army man" that's what they call anybody in uniform-it doesn't matter what type of uniform, any kind of BDU type and it also doesn't matter if they are women--which I found out the hard way after him pointing to two women in uniform at the mall and saying "look, mommy, army men!!" Technically, this is a special forces costume. I did buy both boys costumes in a size up, so they could wear them for dress up after Halloween.

Um, is this not the cutest thing ever?

That's what I thought, until he put on the hat. Y'all, how cute is he?!

Carter wanted a doctor, but they didn't have it, so he picked astronaut. Maybe not a community helper, but close enough. Also, is that not the cutest thing?

I think I enjoyed this way more than they did. I was dying. I have looked at these pictures a million times.

They were troopers for the individual pictures.

Getting a picture of the two of them wasn't as easy.

I then made them switch costumes, just so I could see them in each of them.

Carter as a little army man.

Pretty sure they were tired of me at this point. They love hearing compliments, but I think they were probably sick of hearing how cute they looked.

Afterwards, they asked to wear their Super Why and Buzz lightyear costumes. They're a little small, but they had so much fun playing in them.

They switched after awhile and Carter was Buzz and Evan was Super Why. This entertained them for quite some time, I really need to get them out more often.

The boys have a lot of family that has served in the army, so I just love these pictures of them in this uniform. It's so cute.
So, yep, that's is all this post is. I went to the store and bought their costumes for Halloween and the dozens of pictures I took of them trying them on. I'll probably take just as many when they wear these to school on Friday and then again on Halloween. I think they still fit in their Mario and Luigi costumes, so that's what they'll wear to their fall party at school later this month, so I'll probably take a million pictures of that cuteness. So, you've been warned, there's a lot more costume pictures to come. ;)

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