Friday, October 10, 2014

Weekend With Friends

Last Thursday night, Greg's friend Brady, and his girlfriend, Jessica arrived at our house to stay for the weekend. Greg has known Brady since middle school. He's one of his best friends, they even joined the army together right out of high school. The last time we saw Brady was when I first found out I was pregnant (didn't even know it was twins) and he flew out to our house in Virginia and spent a long weekend helping Greg finish our basement. This was our first time meeting his girlfriend that he lives with up in Nashville. They got in about 11pm on Thursday night, so we hung out and talked for a little bit, but then went to bed since we had to get up early with the boys the next morning.

Friday morning, the boys were thrilled to have Brady and Jessica at our house. I took them to school and we had the morning to hang out. We all went to lunch at Pizza Joint and then went to pick up the boys from school. They were so excited when they got in the van and saw Brady and Jessica in the back seat. I took them home and packed their overnight bag and took them to Mamaw and Papaws. They spent the night over there, which was so nice and made such a big difference. It's hard to catch up with friends and relax when your kids won't let you get a word in with your guests. They thought Brady was something, and Greg and I were chop liver. But, after dropping off the boys, we went downtown and went to several different places, trying different beers, getting an appetizer at one place, a beer at another, dinner at another. It was fun to try out several different places. The weather was amazing, so we were even able to sit outside for a little bit. This is the only picture I got from that night. I have no idea how, but this is it.

I went and picked up the boys late Saturday morning. Evan fell asleep as soon as we got home. Everybody got ready and loaded in the car and we didn't wake up Evan until we got to the Savannah Rapids Pavilion

The weather was amazing. It was in the low 70's and really felt like fall (it's back in the high 80's now) We walked around and saw the river and everything. The boys love going there. Carter was very, very concerned with everybody not staying on the path and falling in the river. He warned us all several times. He was very clear that an alligator would eat you if you fell in. If you got close to the side of the walking trail, he reminded you again.

I love coming here. I'd love to wear some walking shoes and go even further out on the trails. It's just so pretty out here and when the weather is nice, it's one of my favorite things to do.

You can sort of see the changing leaves that are starting to peek through.

Walking on a short little trail to a bridge to go back over across the Savannah River

The only picture I got of the 4 of them. I was AWFUL at taking pictures. I just kept thinking I'd get some and I didn't.

Carter was way more into taking pictures than Evan was.

My favorite--Spanish moss trees. I absolutely love these. I would love to get a good picture of one and frame it.

Checking out the map of the area

Oh Brady, such a kid at heart. He was absolutely amazing with the boys. They LOVED him. They really liked Miss Jessica too. Brady really surprised us though, we knew he liked kids, but he was just such a natural with them. He read story after story to them on the couch before they went to my parents on Friday, while I was packing. He rough housed with them, joked with them and was just really good about being attentive when the boys were trying to talk to him. There was a couple things that they'd get tickled about, so they'd want to do it a million times (you know how kids are) and Brady never acted annoyed or bored, he just would do whatever the boys wanted him to.

We stopped for a late lunch at Monterey's before going over to Ft. Gordon.

Greg and Brady had AIT at Ft. Gordon when they were in the army, so Greg wanted to show Brady how much it's changed. It was fun going by their old barracks and stuff. The boys got a kick out of seeing all the "army men" (anybody in any kind of uniform) walking around. Then, we went to the park next to the lake. The boys played in the sand for a little bit. The geese weren't around, so we fed the bread to the fish in the pond.

Sunday morning, the boys and I said goodbye to Brady and Jessica and went to church. They ended up leaving sometime while we were at church. On the way home from church and grocery shopping, evan fell asleep in the car again.

So, I sat in my car eating my lunch while Greg sat in the house eating lunch with Carter. I mentioned in another post that Carter really started talking up a storm and hasn't stopped since, so I was enjoying my silent lunch. Greg has been so excited about Carter being so talkative. But, I did get a text from him while I was eating about Carter talking his ear off. Haha. We do love talking with the boys so much, but a little silent break is nice too.
The boys have been asking me about when Brady and Jessica are coming back. They keep trying to trick me into saying a definite day, they are so ready for them to come back. They had so much fun. We really enjoyed their visit too and so thankful for my parents for keeping the boys overnight so we could actually talk and catch up and take our time eating a meal in a restaurant. It was a great weekend.

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