Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pumpkin Palooza

This past Saturday, Greg and I took the boys to Pumpkin Palooza at Wesley UMC. It was a free event festival that had trick or trunk, rides, face painting, crafts, etc.

It was hot and we knew the boys would be running around, so we put them in their Mario & Luigi costume because they're thinner and lighter than their "army man" and astronaut.

There were lines for everything, but it wasn't too bad. The boys picked this slide to do first. After we left, Evan said this was the best part of the whole day. Evan had an excited look on his face when he came down but Carter looked terrified. He was going so fast and looked so scared and then when he slowed down at the bottom, he started smiling and laughing and wanted to do it again. They went all the way up there and down by themselves.

Carter getting ready to come down.

Next, the boys rode this swing merry go round (or whatever you call them) They were very excited to ride this, I was a little worried that they'd get scared, but they loved it.

The boys ready for the ride to start.

The boys had a blast on this.

After the swing, we went over to the trick-or-trunk area where people had set up stations for the kids to get candy from.

People are so creative, I loved all of it, but didn't get pictures of everything. This is back of a wagon that they had set up.

A teepee.

Look how cute those Wizard of Oz pumpkins are!!

The boys wanted to ride the helicopter ride next. The boys were tall enough to ride this ride along, but while we were waiting in line, I noticed that the metal bar isn't secured to anything, you push it forward and it goes forward. So, I made Greg ride it with them. After getting in one, we saw that there was a black strap that also goes over your lap, but I still didn't feel comfortable with this ride, so Greg was a trooper and rode it with them. :)

Greg smiling for the camera.

How he really felt, haha. ;)

I was going through my pictures and saw this little gem. Haha, I love the look on Greg's face. If that ride made him make that face, its definitely not something I'd want the boys riding by themselves.

The last thing the boys went on was the bounce house slide. You can kind of tell from the picture that Evan is not touching the slide, he likes to take a running jump down the slide. No fear at all.

Carter, my little rule follower, who goes down the slide in a way that doesn't give me a heart attack.

Greg went to get some water while the boys were on the slide and realized the prices were amazing, so we decided to have a little picnic lunch there. The boys inhaled their hot dogs, so I know they worked up quite an appetite going on all the rides.

Evan was so happy, he had asked to each lunch there and we told him we were going home to eat, so he was very excited that we changed our minds.

When we got home, all 3 boys took a nice long nap. We had Parent's Night Out at the gym that night, so we let them sleep pretty late and then we woke them up and ran to Walmart really quick before dropping the boys off at the gym.

I've decided to get a "holiday" tree that I keep up year round and decorate for different holidays. I priced them out and cannot believe how expensive trees are! But, I found one on Walmart's website for cheap but wanted to see it before buying it. Greg is impressed with it, can you tell?

I really liked this one and it was a foot taller, but I wasn't paying 169.00 for a tree. I got the other one, the 6.5ft white one and went ahead and decorated it for Halloween, so I'll do a post on that later.

After I picked out my tree, we still had a little time to kill before PNO started, so we walked around the store a little bit. Greg got this spider and scared the boys with it. I thought they'd be terrified, but then they wanted to touch it.

So creepy!

We dropped the boys off and went to dinner downtown. We never go downtown on Parent's Night Out, we have plenty of time, but we just always seem to stick close to the gym. We had a great time and then on the way to pick them up, we stopped at the new Whole Foods to check on something. I had to get a picture, because I don't think we've ever gone into a store on a date night that wasn't Target.

The boys were very sad when we picked them up at 8:30-8:40, which is probably the latest we've ever picked them up. It goes until 9:30 and they wanted to stay and watch the Halloween movie with the other kids. I love how much they enjoy PNO, it makes our date nights so much more enjoyable knowing the boys are happy and well taken care of.

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