Monday, October 13, 2014

Fall Festival

Saturday, we went to this fall festival that was put on by a local church. It was at the park behind the library that we go to a lot. I heard about it from a friend of a friend on Facebook, but that was the only place I ever heard about it and when we got there, you could tell that not many people had heard of it. It wasn't busy at all. The boys never had to wait in line for anything. It was a great little festival, I felt bad for them that their wasn't more people there, but it worked out for us, I guess.

As soon as we got there, the first thing the boys did was get in the jump house. Normally, there's somebody at the front letting only a certain number of kids in, but since there wasn't a ton of kids there, the boys were able to just go on in and play as much as they wanted.
It wasn't a huge festival but there were lots of fun things for the kids to do. It was HOT though, I think it was 96 while we were there. Not exactly the nice, crisp, fall weather you'd expect at a fall festival. I'll take hot over rainy, though.

Evan got tired of jumping, so he went and listened to the band and played cornhole, while Carter bounced around some more.

Next, the boys got to paint little mini pumpkins to take home. They loved doing that.

There were little witches hats, googly eyes, etc. but we just stuck with some simple paint.

We now have our first pumpkins for the house for fall. They're sitting on our mantle in the living room.

There were a couple of games that they kids could play for fun and for prizes. The boys did this football game for a little bit. Carter got several balls in, Evan got a couple also. Carter actually got a prize ticket to turn in for a prize. The sweet girl handing out the prizes, let both of them pick out a prize. Evan was fine with them sharing one, but he didn't hesitate to pick a crazy straw when she offered.

The boys also got to do this fun fishing game. They "caught" a little package of Swedish fish.

We had to stop immediately for them to take a break to eat their little prize that they were so excited about.

Then, we went to check out the fire trucks. They hopped right on to check it out.

They got little fire hats.

They even got to sit in the front of the smaller truck. They thought they were something. I don't know what it is about firefighting, but we've met several and they're all great with kids. We've gone on a fire house tour, we check out these fire trucks at every event we go to, we've seen them just out in parking lots before and the firefighters will always wave or honk their horns for the boys. Police officers are always really nice to the boys too. I love that. Friday night, the boys saw one at Walmart and he was so cute with them while I was ringing up my groceries, he had them laughing and was talking to them and listening to what they had to say and it was just really sweet.

After our fire truck tour, we went by the police tent and the boys got fingerprinted. It was free and you take the card home with you and store in your fire safe box (or wherever you keep your important paperwork) . I think it's a great idea to have their fingerprints. We've done something similar with DNA when we lived in Virginia.

Greg and I both said something when we left about how that better be the only time the boys get fingerprinted by the police. ;)

They got a fun coloring book on bullying and stranger danger, a lolli pop and a sheriff badge for getting their fingerprints done.

Carter was very, very concerned about the hole in his shirt from the badge. I told him it was just an itty bitty hole and not to worry about it and he told me "but, it's still a hole" haha.

After we left the fall festival, we went to Pizza Joint for dinner. They didn't have any crayons or things for kids (it's hit or miss when we go) and so I had a random mix of things in my purse to give them. One pen to share for the two coloring books they got at the festival, a sheet of stickers, a book from Chick-Fil-A and binoculars from Chick-Fil-A, still wrapped that I saved in my purse for a time like this. So, I got out the stuff and they entertained themselves great while we waiting on our dinner. They shared really well, too.

Never a dull moment with these boys.

They love their "noculars" and love flipping it to make things big or small.

Carter and his pepperoni and cheese pizza.

Evan with his cheese pizza. He's been very clear that the only pepperoni he'll eat is the kind Mamaw and Papaw give him. ;)

We had a great Saturday afternoon. There's lot of little fall things going on over the next couple of weeks, so I'm excited about that. I wouldn't mind the weather cooling off a little bit, but I'm so happy it wasn't raining. We have a couple pumpkin patches to go to and a couple more fall festivals that we're planning on going to before Halloween.

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