Tuesday, October 28, 2014

CFA & Shopping

This is a random post and photo dump of the past week or two. I tried the boys fall/winter clothes on at the end of the summer to see if they still fit and almost all of them did. As soon as it got cold, I pulled them out and all the pants were too short!! :( So, the boys and have been doing some serious clothes shopping lately. I had a 30% off coupon for Kohl's, but I needed to have the boys try on a couple different sizes there before buying them anything. Kohl's is already getting the toys out for the holidays and had lots of different displays set up throughout the stores, so the boys played. And played, and played. They were so content sitting their playing with a toy in the box while I picked out clothes. I promised them that they could play some more if they'd come in the dressing room and cooperate and they were angels! It was the most peaceful shopping trip ever!

They didn't even ask us to buy the toys. I wish all stores had toy displays set up in the clothing, it'd make my life so much easier!!

The boys and I also hit up Old Navy one day after school, but they do not have toys set up in the store. :( We had several things to try on and it was exhausting. It was worth it though, because I got the boys several things for fall/winter including this little shirt and one with a tie. How cute is that?!?

Last Tuesday, my mom and I took the boys to the church pumpkin patch. They have all different sizes of pumpkins and a few places set up to take pictures. We were the only ones there.

So cute.

Oh, Evan and that pout face that he does. He's such a little faker.

This is 2 seconds after the pouty face. He's such a mess!

This is Evan's new routine before bath. They take their clothes off and put them in the hamper before brushing their teeth and getting in the bath. He decided to hide and scare me one night. He had so much fun that he now climbs into this every night. Carter laughing at him like it's the most hysterical thing he's ever seen doesn't help.

Last week, the boys and I had errands to run and we invited my sister. The boys were not on their best behavior. I was so excited when we went to Chick-Fil-A, so I could get a little break while they played. Then, they did this. Haha, they came up to the glass and just started at us.

A little hard to take a break when they're just standing there staring at us. :)

Then, the boys and I went to Party City and that's when the day seemed to turn around. They were so excited about big decorations, they stopped fussing and fighting and the rest of the day went much better.

They even let me get a picture of them in their orange shirts that they wore to school for "wear orange to school" day.

We went to Target (for the 2nd time that day) and while I was checking out, Carter was using Evan's head as a drum--and Evan was fine with it. No fighting, whining, or screaming happened. It was so nice.

Happy boys= happy mama!

Tuesday, the boys wore short sleeves and shorts to the pumpkin patch and Thursday, they had to wear hoodies and pants to bible study. It was freezing. Then, the weekend was hot again.

After bible study on Thursday, we met up with some moms of multiples and let the kids play. Because of the boys school schedule being on opposite days of most of the kids in the group, I don't get to do as much with this group as I'd like, so I'm glad we were able to meet up. Plus, it was free iced coffee week at that chick-Fil-A, so the kids got to play, moms got to talk and there was free coffee!

Friday night, we went out for pizza and the boys insisted on sitting next to each other. I have to remember moments like this when they are fighting. ;)

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