Monday, October 6, 2014

Fall Clothing and School Pictures

Last Friday, the 26th, the boys had a police officer come to their school and talk to the kids. They got to go into his car, he put the siren on, and the boys just loved it.

This was in their bag when I picked it up. I thought it was kind of funny, but the boys knew so much about gun safety. They weren't just repeating what they had been told, they really "got" it, they told me that if they find a gun that they will not touch it and they will get an adult. I had never talked to them about guns before, ever. It was just one of those things that they were too young to talk about with for so long, and then one day they're not, but I missed that transition of being old enough to talk about it with them. I'm glad that the school is on top of this. They've also had firefighters come in and talk about fire safety, not touching stoves/ovens, they take their uniforms off and put them on in front of the kids so they know what's under it. I guess a lot of kids are scared of a firefighter in full on uniform, so it helps them see that it's just a normal person before they put it on.

Greg had come home early from work because he was sick. He had a fever and body aches and was trying to sleep, so I took the boys to Target after picking them up so we could do some fall clothes shopping. Because that's what kind of wife I am, when my husband is sick, I make the sacrifice to go to Target and spend money, he's lucky to have me.

The boys were troopers about trying things on. They were excited about getting a new fall jacket, even if they're not looking excited in the pictures. I loved the blue coat on Evan, but both boys refused to get a coat without a hood.
The boys also brought home their school picture proofs. I had read that it was going to be a higher end photographer so they can offer quality pictures, which I took to mean that it was going to be expensive. So, I figured we wouldn't buy any. I really want to get some professional pictures done outdoors, so I thought I'd save our money for that. I didn't even put them in anything special or particularly cute. Then, I got the proofs back. How handsome are they!?

And then this!!! Um, yes, give me all the pictures. I want every single size in this one right here. The smiles, the hands in their pockets!! Eep!! I cannot wait to get my order back, I have looked at this picture so many times. I love it. It's my favorite. The packages weren't that bad either, too expensive to get all of the poses, but for one pose, it wasn't bad at all.

That night, I did bedtime by myself since Greg was sick in bed. He was sick the entire weekend. It was awful. It was exactly like what I had, we were so convinced, he went to prompt care the next day to get an antibiotic and tested negative for strep. So, I'm not sure what he had, but he was miserable.

I put the boys in their new Halloween jammies that they were so excited for, but they wanted to be shy with the camera.

Carter smiled for me.

We even picked up a new Halloween book while we were at Target. We've read it every single night since we bought it, so it was worth every penny.

So, the boys were excited about their new jammies and new book. They were giggly and smiling, so I went to take a picture and they did this. What in the world!? They are such little stinkers.

You can see the expression on Evan's face--he's trying not to smile, he's making those sour puss faces on purpose.

What am I going to do with these two?

This is the Halloween book we got at Target, it's just like Goodnight Moon, but with a Halloween twist. It's quick and easy to read and the boys love it. One of them picks this as their story every single night.

I also finally found this movie. I saw it and then later decided to go back and get it and they were out at Target. I went on Amazon and it was more expensive, so I checked Walmart and they didn't carry it. Finally, when the boys and I were shopping for clothes at a different Target, I decided to check and they had it, so I got it. I like it when I can find holiday versions of cartoons they really like. We have an Ice Age Christmas special that they really like to watch around Christmas.

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