Saturday, October 4, 2014

Tennessee Trip

A couple weekends ago, we took a trip up to Tennessee to see family. We've had this trip planned for months and then the weekend before the trip, I got strep throat. I was so worried that somebody else in the house was going to come down with it, so we didn't know if we were going to be able to go until the night before. I was so happy when everybody woke up healthy and happy on Friday morning. Greg went to work early so he could get a half day in before we left. I took the boys to school like normal and then came home, packed for the trip, loaded the car, took a quiz for class, and cleaned up the house. Greg got home about 10:00-10:30 and then we went and picked up the boys early from school and headed to Tennessee. It was a little stressful packing for a trip (for all of us) a couple hours before we left, but it worked out. We didn't forget anything that wasn't a simple fix. We forgot the bed rails, but were able to use pillows to put around the boys to make sure they didn't fall off the beds. We forgot our white noise machine, but I just downloaded a white noise song, put it on repeat and on speaker and played that at night. It worked out fine, but I'm pretty sure just reading that we waited a couple hours before leaving on our trip to pack is enough to stress some people out (hi, mom!)

Evan fell asleep on the way up there, and on long trips, we love sleeping boys. :)

Carter fell asleep to on the way up there.

The boys were very excited to get there. They loved helping Greg push our stuff up to our room. Evan has been especially insistent on helping us out lately, which is really sweet (a pain, sometimes, but still very sweet)

We picked the hotel we did based on the fact that they had an indoor swimming pool. Greg brought the boys down to the pool, while I unpacked everything and got it set up in the room. We stayed two nights and I can't stand trying to get stuff out of suitcases, it's much easier to just hang up the clothes, put them in the drawers and be done. The boys loved being able to get that energy out after the 4-5 drive up there.

They had the pool to themselves and they had no fear when it came to jumping in. It was worth every penny we paid to stay here just for the pool.

Evan thought he was something jumping into the water.

After the boys got some energy out, we rode out to my cousin Holly's trailer. This is where Ethel lived before she passed away in December, so it was bittersweet seeing everybody. It was amazing to see all the family that made it but also sad thinking of the family that wasn't there. We weren't sure that we'd have time to go out there Friday night, so it was nice that we were able to spend a few hours out there before coming back and putting the boys to bed.
Our room was set up where the two beds and tv were on one side and a half wall divided the sitting area (two couches, coffee table, end tables, and computer desk) off so it got it's only little area which was a little more private. After the boys (all 3) went to bed, I was able to stay up on my computer and do school work without bothering anybody.

There was a free breakfast buffet that had something for everybody. Cereal, biscuits, eggs and cheese, sausage, waffles, pancakes, fruit, yogurt, etc. None of us went hungry, that's for sure.

I had to take this one down for round 2 mid morning.

The boys woke up so early on Saturday mornings (like 4) so we went out to my cousin Holly's for a little while and then we went back to the hotel to see if we could get them to take a nap. Both boys fell asleep on the bed within a few minutes, so we all took naps and then went to the family picnic over an hour late. Evan was still waking up and slightly grumpy (and by slightly, I mean a full on terror) but he snapped out of it about 10 after being there and then had a blast playing with this cousins.

I'm so glad that so many members of my dad's side of the family were able to make it. I didn't even get a chance to hug all of them and feel awful that they left before I got around to say "hi"

The boys love sitting in Papaw's lap for pictures. They've also talked quite a bit about Aunt Georgia because she would steak kisses from them. Evan's told me since we got home that Aunt Georgia doesn't have boys to kiss, just girls and she needs to kiss the boys when she gets a chance. He said she was fun and he missed her and loved here. I love hearing things like that  couple of days after it happened. It makes it even sweeter to know that they have been thinking about it and didn't just forget about it 5 minutes after we left.

The boys were on a mission to get as many acorns as possible. They each had bags and they filled them up and didn't let them leave their sight. The bags made it back to Georgia with us and now they are in our back yard as "food" for the squirrels. .

Relaxing and chatting it away with the family.

We got back late, but we had promised them a short swim, so that's what we did and it was worth it.

We left Sunday morning, after letting the boys swim while I packed up.

We stopped at a random exit for lunch and it ended up being the neatest little area. It was a lot like Atlantic Station in Atlanta. It's like a little community mixed with restaurants, stores, and apartments (condos) that people can live, work, and hang out all in one place.

The weather was amazing, so we decided to sit outside.

I just thought this was a fun place, like a little city. There were so many people walking around with their kids and pets, riding bikes, it felt like we were in a little neighborhood.

Lunch was good and it was nice to stretch our legs and get some fresh air.

As soon as we got back in the car, Evan fell asleep. He slept for most of the trip.

We knew that Carter would wait until we were a couple miles from home and then fall asleep and he did exactly that. I went to take a picture of him sleeping and he was making this face---in his sleep. haha.

So, the boys went in and while we went outside to bring the bags in, the boys decided to set up right here, because that's a great place to dump out everything and sit while we're trying to bring in all our bags. haha.

I'm so glad we were able to make it to Tennessee with the boys. We've been twice in the 15 months since we moved to Georgia and we've had a great time both times we've gone. The car ride there isn't bad at all and the boys love it.

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