Sunday, October 12, 2014

Community Helper Day and Fall Crafting

Earlier this week, the boys teacher sent home a little worksheet for them. I love getting little things like this that they didn't have time to finish in class, it goes along with what they're talking about and I get to see them work on it. I set it up on their little table with some crayons, scissors and glue for them to do one afternoon and they were so excited to do it. I love that they're so excited to do things like this, so I'm going to have to print more things for them to work on when we're home.

The boys colored it in and then cut it out (without any help) and they did the gluing all on their own. I asked them if each picture was "sweet, salty or sour" and then pointed to the box they needed to put it in after they answered, but they glued it by themselves. They weren't sure about grapefruit because they've never had it, but they got the other ones right.

Evan has been very cuddly the past few days, which I don't mind one bit.

The boys had community helper day at school on Friday. They looked so precious. They had to get up in front of their class and say a little bit about what they do and Carter told them that he explored space and put satellites up there so that people could watch tv. Evan said that he protected our country.

It was hot, so Carter took his costume off during recess, but other than that, they wore them the whole time they were at school.

When I was in car line to pick them up, I saw all the other kids cute costumes. They were all so adorable. The boys were so excited when I picked them up and told me everybody loved their costumes. They also learned all kinds of little tidbits from the other students that got up to talk about what their community helper did for the community. Evan was telling me all about camouflage and some other random things. I would just love to hear the conversations they have with their classmates.
I got in a crafty mood on Friday and decided to set up some fall crafts for the boys to do. I went on Pinterest and Instagram and found tons of simple and cheap fall crafts that are perfect for preschoolers. They painted several paper plates on Friday for some crafts we'll do next week.

When the boys got home from school, they immediately went outside to swing while I mixed up the orange paint and got everything ready. I decided that it was just too hot to be outside painting, so I set it up at their little craft table and they did great. They didn't get paint anywhere that it wasn't supposed to be.

They do most of their crafty stuff at school, so I forget that they're not little toddlers anymore.

We did several orange ones, mostly because I made too much orange paint. But, we are going to make some pumpkins with the orange plates and some witches with the green plates. I wanted to paint some plates black for bats, but realized when we started that we didn't have any black paint.

So, we improvised by coloring some plates black. We used construction paper for the wings and the ears, a piece of printer paper for the mouth and some stick on googly eyes. The boys loved their finished project. I can't wait to do some more crafts with them.

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