Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Last Monday, the boys had a firefighter come to their school to talk to them. He also came on a separate day with his fire truck and let the kids check it out. They've had a police man and this week, an ambulance is coming for the kids to check out and learn about. I love these community helper days, the kids learn a lot and I think it's so fun that they get some hands on learning too.

It was chilly that day, so the boys got to wear their firefighter shirts, Evan was being a stinker and would not pose for a picture.

Carter was more than happy to show off his.

Greg still wasn't feeling good and actually came home from work early and slept. He was awake when I got home and was getting the boys ready for their dentist appointment, so he offered to come with us to help. The boys were so excited to go because they have such a fun waiting area and the boys had a dental hygienist come to their school last year and they remembered that she told them they got new toothbrushes. They couldn't wait to get a new toothbrush.

Both boys had woke up super early that morning, Evan woke up around 4am! So, we were exhausted that afternoon. After the excitement wore off about the fun waiting room, the boys laid on the chairs until they were called back.

Evan offered to go first and just hopped up in the chair, he doesn't mind going to the dentist at all. Both boys love the glasses they give them to wear during the exam.

Carter played with this while waiting for his turn.

As soon as Carter got in the chair, he had questions for the hygienist and was just talking her ear off. She even said "oh, you must be the talkative one" It's so crazy, Evan has always been our talker. Even when he first came home from the hospital, he'd make little noises all the time, even when he slept. Carter has always been our quieter one, he talked, but just not as much as Evan. But, a couple of weeks ago, (maybe even a month or so now) Carter started talking up a storm, I remember the day it started (because I thought, "wow, he has a lot to say today") --and it hasn't stopped since!!! He talks all the time. All.the.time!!!

Carter was also great for the dentist, both boys have always done really good. The first time I took Carter, he wanted to lay on me, but he opened his mouth and did everything the dentist asked and was happy. But, besides that one time, they've both have loved going to the dentist and just sit like big boys in the chair and listen to everything the hygienist and dentist tell them to do.

Neither boy had any cavities and got a great report from the dentist. They tried to get xrays on Evan, but his mouth was just too small for the thing that goes in there (whatever that's called) and gagged. So, she decided they'd wait until next time to try to get xrays for either of them. Bless his heart, he was trying so hard to do exactly what she told him to and even told me afterward "I didn't gag, I just choked a little" I could tell he really wanted to do what she was trying to get him to do. I was so excited when Greg offered to come to the dentist with us, but of course since he was with us, the boys were great and the appointment was a breeze. I'm pretty sure that's how it always works. ;)

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  1. If my dentist had cool toys like that, I'd be happy to go too!