Saturday, October 11, 2014

Caroline's Birthday

Monday, after I picked the boys up from school, we went to Bath & Body Works to get a birthday gift for Caroline. Both boys insisted on helping, so they each got a bag and I had to divide up what I was getting into both bags.

I was also picking up some hand soaps, so the boys helped me by smelling the different ones I was considering and telling me what they thought of them.

There was only one bag to carry out, so to avoid a fight, I had them share it and work as a team. This is how they carried it out of the store, through the parking lot and to the car.

I also had to get a couple pictures of them in the UofA jerseys for the first time this football season. They were so excited to wear these and I think they're just so cute. Brandi's mom got these for the boys a year or two ago, so I was thrilled when they still fit. I love getting more than one season out of something.

On Tuesday, Caroline and my mom came over. Caroline opened her gifts from the boys. Lotion from Evan and a can of chicken noodle soup from Carter. He kept talking about soup and then decided he wanted to get her soup, so him and I wrapped up a can of Campbell's chicken noodle soup and he was just so proud of his gift. He told her that she could eat it for dinner, not to worry about us, we had more that we could eat.

The boys with the birthday girl.

We all loaded up in my van and drove downtown for lunch. We passed this fun photo op on the way to the restaurant.

We all went to Farmhaus Burger downtown. Caroline had been wanting to try it, so she picked that place a week or two ago. I actually went there the weekend before while Brady was in town. It was so good and I ended up ordering the exact same thing again.

The weather was really nice, so we sat outside. I love sitting outside and I think it works better for the boys too, I don't have to worry as much about their "inside" voices and they get to see all the things that are going on (trucks driving by, people on bikes, people walking their dogs, etc)

Carter was very into me taking pictures of this.

Family shot.

my amazing Asian burger. So good. Mmmmm.....I wish I was one of those people that tries something at a restaurant and then goes home and knows how to recreate it, because I totally would do that with this dish.

After lunch, my mom and Caroline went to shopping, while I went to school. We ended up meeting again for dinner, but I didn't get any pictures. We're also going over to my parents house on Sunday for a cookout and cake & ice cream. The boys just love it when it's anybody's birthday. They love yelling surprise, singing happy birthday, giving gifts, and especially eating cake and ice cream.

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