Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Birthday Party and Weekend Recap

The last Saturday in September, the boys had a birthday party for a classmate of theirs. It was for a boy that they were in the summer program with, who is now in their class for PreK-4. They just love him and talk about him all the time, so they were super excited to go to his birthday party. Greg was still very, very sick, so I took the boys by myself. He had an inflatable bounce house for all his friends to play in. The boys had a blast.

The party was nice and simple. They had the bounce house, some food, cake, sang birthday, opened presents. It was perfect. The kids all enjoyed it.

The birthday boy requested ribs. His grandparents had no problem at all getting up super early and getting ribs ready for him, we all thought that was funny and cute. Us moms were joking that we'd give our kids the choice of hot dogs or $5.00 pizza. The ribs were a huge hit with the adults, they were pretty amazing. All the kids except the birthday boy had hot dogs. After Evan finished his hot dog, he wanted a rib and ate it clean off the bone. He LOVED it. He calls it chicken on the bone, but he can call it whatever he wants, I was just happy he ate it (both boys have been a tad picky lately)

Taking a break from jumping to eat.

After eating, all the kids sang happy birthday and had cake and ice cream.

The boys can't have cake at birthday parties because of Carter's peanut allergy, but they know and they're completely fine with it. We actually don't give them store bought ice cream, but it was vanilla and it was Breyer's brand, which I know some moms will give their FA kid, so they each got a small scoop.

But, ain't nobody got time for a spoon.

I think almost every single gift was Lego brand, which is what Evan and Carter gave him too. That's what Evan and Carter got a lot of on their birthday, so I guess we're officially at the Lego age.

After leaving the birthday party, I called Greg and he was feeling even worse. His symptoms were exactly like mine were two weeks ago, so I swung by the house and pick him up and take him to Prompt Care. I didn't want to take the boys inside and risk them catching something, so I went to a nearby McDonalds and let the boys play and then eat some food.

My sister met us over there and got a couple of pictures on her phone of the boys.

We love this look that Carter gave her. Haha!

After Greg was done, he called me to come by and pick him up. His strep and flu test came back negative. They said it may be a sinus infection, but didn't require antibiotics. So, he came home and went back to bed. The boys and I baked some goodies that I promised them we could bake. Look at the excitement on their faces!
When I turned on my stand mixer to mix up the ingredients, Evan giggled so much. The way he acted made me think that maybe he's never been in the kitchen when I've used it. But, his response to it was so comical. I got so tickled watching him laugh and point at it.

Sunday morning, I took the boys to church by myself. It was a special, out door sermon, followed by free lunch and bounce houses for the kids. I dropped the boys off in the kids area, like normal, and I went with my folding chair outside to listen to the sermon. It wasn't a typical sermon, and a lot of people got up and shared their testimony, so that was fun. I love hearing people's testimony and probably 5-6 people shared with us, so that was really nice.

Afterwards, I picked the boys up from their sunday school and we went and got lunch. There was the most amazing bbq, homemade mac and cheese, bread, corn on the cob, etc. Evan was more interested in the bounce houses that he could see, so he wasn't very hungry.

Carter was a trooper, he ate all the bbq pork I got him, he ate his macaroni and cheese (he's never liked mac and cheese before) some corn on the cob, chips, etc. He really enjoyed his meal. He kept thanking me for it while he was eating it saying that "he was so hungry before, thank you for this delicious food" So sweet.

Then, after they were done eating, we walked over to the big field where they set up several bounce houses. The boys had a blast and the lines to get on them weren't long at all.

The boys started off on this castle one, they really liked this one.

Then, we went over to an obstacle coarse type one and the boys loved it. They had to stand in line for that one, about 5 minutes each time, but they didn't seem to mind. I think they did it 3 times. You can see where Evan faceplanted over the bar and it's just his feet straight in the air. He was completely fine, I just think this picture is funny.

Carter, being a little more careful.

Climbing up the rope.

We went to one last one before we left that was just a bounce one, no slides or obstacle courses, just an open area to jump. The boys enjoyed that one too.

We walked slowly to the car, having to stop and check out everything on the way.

We were all worn out when we got home. Greg still wasn't feeling great, so it was just me and the boys all weekend while daddy rested in our bedroom. Luckily, we had a fun weekend to keep us busy. Hopefully, now that Greg is over this mess, we can all stay healthy for a little while.

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