Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Clifford Day and Strep Throat

I'm starting this post with a few random pictures that didn't really fit into any other post. I like it when I'm posting on a regular basis and talk about our week or day, but when I get behind, I have a million pictures that I want to share that don't really go with anything.

Carter wanted a picture before school.

I make the boys beds in the morning. It was something I had wanted them to do when they turned four, but since their beds are so high, I figured that they couldn't, so I never even tried to get them to. One day I was making Carter's and Evan said he wanted to make his and went into his bedroom and made his just fine. He climbed up on the bed when he couldn't reach and was able to make it all by himself. I am awful about assuming they can't do something and just doing it for them, or doing it for them because it's easier/quicker for me, so this was a good reminder for me to stop doing that.
 The boys playing with dinosaurs one afternoon.

One day Carter was upset and I was holding him and Evan came over and started rubbing his back and saying "it's ok" and then read him a couple books to make him feel better. It was really sweet. I got tickled at him reading this one because he'd say "and how many bees are on this page, that's right--good job, Carter" haha.

Friday, the 12th, the boys had Clifford day at school. They were supposed to wear red--which they were SO excited to do, and then they did all kinds of fun Clifford themed activities. I normally only volunteer on Mondays, but some of the classes had pictures done on this day, so they needed some extra help. I helped out in 3 different classrooms, including the boys classroom. I have never volunteered in their class before. When they were 2 and I volunteered, I cut things out, made copies, etc in another room. This year, I'm in a 3 year old class helping out once a week, so it was fun to get to go in their classroom. The boys were really good, they weren't clingy to me like I thought they'd be. I helped with the Clifford ears, so that was fun.

He looks pitiful, but they were so excited when I picked them up. How cute does he look?!

Carter rubbed his black spot off his nose, but still looked super cute.

So, when I woke up that morning, I was feeling extra tired and run down, but I had committed to volunteering, by the time I got home, I was feeling pretty rough. I told the boys that we were going to continue with our Clifford day theme and I let them watch a couple episodes of Clifford on tv while I just laid on the couch. When Greg got home, he took them out and by the time we put them to bed, I was feeling awful. (we actually did a red bath for Clifford day too, which was fun) I had body aches and my throat was hurting so bad.

Saturday was worse. We've had a couple stomach viruses since the boys were born, which are awful, but usually only last about 24 hours. But this was worse and lasted longer. I was miserable and useless. Greg did everything, I couldn't get out of bed. There was one point on that Saturday where Greg was exhausted, so I got up and came and laid on the couch so he could take a nap. That was the extent of what I did on Saturday, made microwavable popcorn and put on a movie.

Greg baked banana bread with the boys too, it's their new favorite thing that Greg started with them and the three of them have made several loafs over the past several weeks.

Sunday, Greg took the boys out to my parents for the afternoon to get a break since I was still feeling awful. Monday morning, my mom came over and helped get the boys ready and rode to school with us so I wouldn't have to go in. I had to call in sick to volunteering, which I felt awful about. I got an appointment with my doctor and tested positive for strep throat. I have mixed emotions about having strep, on one hand I feel good to have a legit reason for feeling so bad, it's nice to know that I wasn't just being a baby, I was actually sick. But, on the other hand, I'm really grossed out. I didn't get this from the boys--they never got it. I figured I got it from a kid at their school while volunteering, but when I went back after being sick and told the teacher, I found out none of the kids had missed any school or mentioned having strep. Where did I get this from?! What adult gets strep throat from somebody other than their kids. This does not help my germaphobic tendencies at all. We also deal with strep slides (and e.coli and all kinds of other fun bacteria) in my Microbiology lab. There's no way I got it from there, but it's still hard not to be paranoid. So, I've recovered from strep but now have a major case of the crazy, so it's going to be a fun winter as a hypochondriac.

The only good thing about coming down with strep was that it was the weekend before my Diet Bet monthly weigh in. I have not been doing good about eating healthy. I've been staying up later doing school stuff, and making up for it by consuming massive amounts of caffeine and sugar. Also, all the delicious pumpkin flavored stuff that's out is not helping (I have to try it all!) but, luckily, swallowing felt like sharp knives going down my throat so I wasn't able to eat like a piggy all weekend and I ended up making my weight that Monday for my diet bet. Yay! I do need to get back on track though, so I can make my next weigh in.

So close to being caught up with blogging. I'd love to just post every couple of days of what we're doing and up to, so looking forward to getting caught up.

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