Tuesday, September 30, 2014


These pictures were taken a few weeks ago, but I'm still trying to get caught up. There is no point to this blog post besides the fact that I just took a lot of pictures at one time that I thought were cute.

We let the boys play outside one afternoon and they were having such a great time and playing so well, so I got a few (and by few, I mean few dozen) pictures of them playing.

Greg found a few frogs while he was cleaning something up, so he showed the boys and Evan immediately picked it up. He has no fear and will pick up any insect/bug/animal--we're working on that. But, he loved carrying this little frog around.

I love his little muddy hands and the fact that  he's holding a frog, this is what I pictured when I found out I was having two boys.

He just walked around the yard with the frog, showing him his swing set and stuff.

Carter wanted to hold it, but wasn't able to pick it up like Evan does (he'd jump back when the frog jumped) and so Evan picked it up and gently placed it in Carter's hand and then put Carter's hand over it, it was the sweetest thing. I don't think I'm explaining it very well, but I think you can tell from the pictures what Evan was doing.

He was petting the frog, I know it looks like he's pushing down on him, but he was gentle. I promise the frog was fine. When they were done, they put him down and he hopped away.

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