Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Pendleton King Park

A couple weekends ago, we took the boys to Pendleton King Park. We went there once a year ago (you can read about that here) It's not super close like the other ones we go to and we've just got into a habit of going to certain parks. So, it was nice to change it up and go somewhere else.

The boys had such a blast. There's two different playgrounds there to play on. There were several bbqs and things going on at the different gazebos and picnic tables so the boys played with some other kids while they were there.

They loved this monkey bar thing. They loved balancing on it.

It was a little warm, but there's a ton of shade because of all the trees.

Last time we went, we just checked out the playground and then left, but I found out online that they have a pond (the park is actually a bird sanctuary) so we checked that out. The boys love feeding the geese.

There was also tons of little fish in the pond that came up to eat what the boys were throwing in.

After the pond, we walked around and saw this tank. It has a ladder on it for kids to climb up and explore it. The boys thought it was the best thing ever. They loved exploring it and acting like it was shooting canons. I thought it was pretty neat, so I can only imagine how fun it was for a 4 year old boy.

I love that they something so hands on at the park.

The boys had to check out every single inch of it before we left.
The boys enjoyed it so much, that Greg actually took them back there a couple days later to play on the tank.

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