Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pendleton King Park

Last Thursday, Greg and I took the boys to a new park in town. The moms group I'm meets at this park and I wanted to check it out before taking the boys there by myself. It's actually a 64-acre bird sanctuary and has a disc golf course and dog park also. There were tons of trees, so there was a lot of shade. When we got there, we weren't particularly impressed and I don't love how the playground is in the middle of the disc golf course-with Frisbees flying around, but the boys absolutely loved this park. So, we'll probably go back.

There were two different playground sets, both with lots to do. The boys love anything they can climb. This rock wall was pretty tall, but they got up it easy without any help at all.

The boys loved all the things to climb on this playground.

The second playground was the big hit for the boys, there was a bridge (which the boys love) a little part with a bench, a couple steering wheels, etc. So, the boys pretended it was a pirate ship and the bridge was the plank. The ground was the water that was filled with crocodiles. Haha, I could not make this up.

There was also monkey bars. They were the perfect height for the boys. When the boys let go, they didn't have much a fall.

Every Thursday, all the kids at the boys preschool, wear matching shirts. It's really cute. The boys were so excited to put these on that morning.

Carter helping Evan on the monkey bars. How sweet is that!?

I don't know exactly what this was, but the boys liked climbing it and then jumping off.

Overall the park was a success. We have a different list of things we look for in a park and the boys have their own lists of things that make a park great for them. This was one that the boys loved, so even if it wasn't our favorite (or in our favorite location) we'll probably be back.

The boys have all the playground they need in our backyard now, but Greg just found out yesterday that he's going to be working nights for the next 2 months. Midnight to 8am. So, the boys and I are going to be getting out of the house more than we normally do, so Greg can get some sleep during the day. So, I'm looking up parks tonight and making a lists of ones we haven't been to yet and we'll start checking them of while Greg's sleeping next week.

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