Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Evan's First Dentist Appointment

On Monday, Evan had his first dentist appointment. Carter had his first cleaning before we moved and I wanted to try and keep them on the same schedule as far as dentist appointments. My mom came over and stayed with Carter, so I could take Evan.

I wanted the boys to see a pediatric dentist (not just a family dentist) and I got a recommendation for one from a Facebook friend and I'm so glad I went with her suggestion. The waiting room was great! There was a movie going, a train table, a bead maze, etc.

Evan and the other boys who were waiting played with the train set for a long time.

They were running a little behind, which I wouldn't even have known if the hygienist hadn't apologized when we took us back. But, Evan was so good. Right before they called us back, he sat down next to me and started reading a bible he found in the waiting room.

When the hygienist took us back to the room, Evan hopped up in the chair before she even had to tell him. It was like he had done this a million times.

She gave him glasses to wear so the bright light wouldn't bother him while she was cleaning his teeth. She let him choose his toothpaste flavor (grape!) and he was a happy camper.


I couldn't believe how well he did for the cleaning. I remember when they were younger, thinking that I wouldn't be able to send them to the dentist, that I was going to have to find one of those ones that put you under sedation for your cleanings because they're so active, I never dreamed in a million years that they'd sit still for something like this. The hygienist got so tickled with him because he was being so sweet and good for her. He actually asked her to brush his teeth again and she was happy to do it. He loved the taste of the grape toothpaste and thought he was getting a treat getting his teeth cleaned.

Evan bumped one of his front teeth a couple of months ago. It turned dark grey and I was so worried that it'd stay like that, but it's been lightening up more and more recently. They decided to take an x-ray to be sure everything was ok with the tooth and it was. They think it'll keep lightening up, too, which is great news.

Evan was perfect during the x-ray.

He followed all the directions so well.

Evan was just as good for the dentist as he was for the hygienist. He let them count his teeth (20) and was very polite.

When the dentist was done, Evan made sure to tell everybody in the office that he had to go home and see Meemaw. Haha. On the way home, I picked up some pumpkin munchkins from Dunkin Donuts for Evan. He's been asking for donuts every day for awhile now, I don't know why, but I thought it'd be a nice treat for being so good at the dentist. He made sure to tell me to get enough to share with Meemaw and Carter. He got two stickers at the dentist and gave one to Carter as soon as he got home. He told me the whole way home that one of them was for Carter. Even if it was a trip to the dentist, it was nice to spend some one on one time with Evan and I just loved seeing how excited he was when he got home to share his stickers and munchkins.

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