Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

Friday, when I took the boys to Target to get a few things, they asked for popcorn. I've only given them popcorn once before and they hated it. But, it's only a dollar, so I figured I'd let them try it again. Let me tell ya'll! This is some magical stuff. It allowed me to get all my shopping done at Target and then we drove over to Kroger and they brought their popcorn bags in and I was able to get all my grocery shopping done also. The boys were so good. They were happy as can be munching away on that popcorn. I think this little discovery is going to change the way I shop. :)

Every day after work last week, Greg would get home and go outside and work on the play set. There was a lot to as far as unpacking it, organizing it, inventorying it. But, Friday night, he had a break, so he took the boys to the park since they hadn't seen much of him all week, and I prepped dinner for Saturday night. Café Rio Pork Barbacoa, homemade pico de gallo, and creamy tomatillo dressing. I also baked some pumpkin spice chocolate chip cookies for dessert.
Saturday morning, Greg got started bright and early. After my parents arrived to help him, I took the boys to the mall. They were very interested in what was going on outside, but they'd be in the way, so I figured getting out of the house was the best thing to do. After the mall, I took them to lunch at Chick-Fil-A and they were able to get some more playing in. 
Sunday, I took the boys to the park, then we went shopping and I got the boys ice cream. Greg got started on the playground early again and my parents came over and put in another 8 hour day helping him.

After Greg and my parents called it a day on the play set, my parents went home and Greg and I took the boys to the pool. Greg was exhausted, but he had been so busy with the play set, that he hadn't seen much of the boys over the past several days. This was the perfect way for us all to hang out and Greg to cool off after a hard day of working. The boys LOVE the pool. Evan kept saying "I'm swimming! I'm swimming! look at me go!" haha.

The boys love jumping in the water and they also love playing chase where they come and "get" me or Greg.

Every hour or so, the lifeguards are required to take a 10 minute break and everybody has to get out of the pool. So, we distract the boys with snacks until they can get back in.

My sister has been coming over a couple of times a week to watch "American Horror Story" it's this really creepy show that we watch on Netflix and I love it. We even got Greg into it. Sunday afternoon, Greg and I were talking about it and wanted to watch the next episode, so she came over to watch it with us.

Monday, the boys and I just hung around the house and played in the morning. The play set was done about 1:00, so after that, they played outside. The boys set up next to the window so they could play and keep an eye on the play set progress.

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