Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Boys 3rd Birthday

I have two more "catch up" posts to do, one on the boys' birthday and one on Carter's hospital stay. Then, I can start blogging about what's been going on recently like the boys starting school and Evan's first trip to the dentist. I'm hoping to knock these catch up posts out today.

The boys turned 3 on a Sunday, so the day before, we took them to Monkey Joes. They just happened to have a huge pirate ship bounce house and the boys were in heaven. Their birthday this year was centered around pirates, they love pirates. They were so excited when they saw it.

There were tons of slides and other bounce houses, but the boys spent 99% of their time on this one. Just bouncing, going up the stairs, going down the slide, then bouncing some more before going down the slide again. It was so crowded, but the boys didn't mind at all.

Evan found the game corner. He's not actually playing, but he thinks he is.

You know it's been a successful trip to Monkey Joes, when the boys are like this at the end.

We didn't go all out for their birthday. We had talked about doing a party in Virginia before we knew we were moving, but the boys hadn't started school or anything yet here before their birthday, so we just had a small family thing for their birthday. We tried to spread the stuff out during the day. Before naps, we let them open their birthday cards.

Their cards had stickers in them and this is where Evan chose to put is.

The boys were so excited about everything.

During their naps, I set out their treasure chests and balloons. When they woke up from naps, they got a "treasure map" and got to come downstairs and find their treasure. I thought the idea was cute and they loved it. But, I filled the treasure chests with fake gold coins and other fun little party favors I found at Party City. There was a whole aisle that you could buy things individually, like a little pirate for 15 cents, a whistle for 20 cents, etc.

The boys love balloons and they loved having these. They've played with them until just a few days ago when I finally popped them (while they were at school) and threw them out.

Carter waking up from his nap and finding the balloons.

He was so excited.

My parents and sister showed up right when Carter woke up, so Papaw got to help Carter go through his treasure chest.

Evan woke up a few minutes after Carter and got to do the same thing.

I knew the boys would love these cheap little whistles and would have so much fun using them on their birthday. I was not thinking of the days after their birthday. Oops.

We're still in the process of getting unpacked, organized and settled, so everything is a bit of a mess. We just set the presents on the fireplace for them to see and open.

They were so excited, they'd open a gift and then play with it for awhile. We let them just take their time and play with each gift for as long as they wanted before moving on to the next gift.

They got lots of nice gifts. The biggest thing was the play set that my parents bought them.

Papaw got stuck putting a train set together for them.

I got the boys a few pirate books at the last minute when I went to pick up the sandwich and cake we ordered. They love them and we have to read them to the boys every single night, so I think they were a great impulse buy.

This is the cake I got the boys. I'm really happy with how it turned out. I think it's cute.

These pictures did not turn out well, but I have to post them for memory's sake. They're blurry and I don't know why, but it was the first time they got candles and blew them out, so they were really excited and I have to include them.

The boys knew what was coming and they were excited.

The boys were so excited about blowing out the candles.

They could hardly wait until we finished singing "happy birthday"

They did great and blew them out fine.

Then I showed them their cake and the pirate ship on it.

Carter was ready to dig in right away!

Besides getting way too many balloons-as you can see. I think the boys had a nice birthday.

They love playing "birthday" around the house and really get it more this year than they ever have. I asked them what "theme" they wanted this year for their birthday and they chose pirates. I'm excited that they got a say in their birthday this year.  









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