Thursday, September 5, 2013

Photo Dump

The boys and I have been staying busy the past couple of weeks. There's a few McDonald's around here that have really nice indoor play areas, so we go there on super hot days to change it up a little. The boys love playing and there's usually other kids there that they have a blast with.

We've been going to the parks and splash parks too, trying to take advantage before fall gets here.

The boys love the splash parks.

Anytime there's a small brick wall like this, the boys have to climb it and walk on it. They would walk across, get down and come back and do it all over again, over and over.

We had parent orientation a couple of weeks ago and we knew the boys were going to love going to preschool just from how much fun they had at orientation. Evan made himself comfortable and started playing with blocks.

They loved playing with all the different toys the teacher had set up for the kids.

The pretend cakes were a huge hit with all the kids, everybody got several servings of cake. They all brought them to the parents, teachers, etc.

My dad came over after work to help me with a Pinterest project that I had been wanting to do. Now that I know he's willing to help with pinterest projects, his to do list just got a lot longer. :)

I love how it turned out. Our sink is a little small, and this clears up the clutter we had on the sink. Plus, I think it's really cute.

We've been eating dinner outside a lot. It's way too hot to be doing that, we sweat and the bugs get us, but the boys love it, so we do it.

I'm pretty sure both boys are going to be little baseball stars. They've been practicing hitting their t-ball in the back yard and they're really good.

 My mom watched the boys so my sister and I could try a new stir fry place that just opened up. It was really good and I love going to lunch with somebody else who takes pictures of everything. :)

Last week, when Greg was working on getting the play set unpacked and organized, I would take the boys out of the house. So, we left every day after they woke up from nap and stayed out until dinner time. It was exhausting, but they loved it.

My mom brought over a watermelon for the boys since she knows how much they love it and Greg said it was the best watermelon he'd ever had. Had to get a picture of my three boys eating watermelon. :)

One of the McDonald's I took the boys to last week was so big, the boys were just in awe. They just stared at it while eating their snack, not knowing what to think. I think they could have played there all day.

This is Evan's new thing when I want to take his picture.

My dad stopped by after work one day last week and the boys were so excited to see Papaw. This is what it looks like when he comes by. The boys are just a blur! They were jumping off the ottoman into his lap.

I wish I could have 1/2 the energy they have, they just jumped and jumped, for the longest time. They love surprise visits from Meemaw or Papaw.
That's been our last week or two in pictures.

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