Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring Break-Part 1

The boys have been on spring break this week. My two goals for spring break this year was to take advantage of having the boys home and take advantage of not having to be anywhere at a certain time. I'm always rushing the boys on days they have school, so I wanted to relax in the mornings and let them take their time getting ready.

Monday, it was rainy (we had thunderstorms all day) We slept late, watched tv in bed, and then did puzzles. After the boys were done playing, we got dressed and went to the gym. I haven't been in awhile and am trying to get back in the routine of going. I showered at the gym, so after we left, we went by the library. I normally reserve books online and then just go pick them up while the boys are in school, but they love to go in and pick out their own books. So, we got drenched running inside, but it was worth it. We actually ran into my sister when we were leaving, so she was able to stay with the boys inside, while I pulled the car around and they didn't have to get wet when we left.

I got this book from the library for my moms book club. I started reading it on Monday and finished it last night. It was really good. I can't wait to discuss it with the other moms at our next meeting.

Tuesday morning, we slept late (Carter slept until 8:30) and did more puzzles. These boys and their puzzles! They love them. They're always so proud when they finish one, even if it's one they've done several times.

We went to the gym again and I ran (I'm being very liberal with that word) and took a shower and then the boys and I went to the store to pick up a few things. We decided to have another picnic outside in the yard since the weather was nicer. We bought caprisuns and corn dogs just to have this week for our picnics. I've never bought the boys caprisuns before this week--and they think they are so special! They love them. I didn't want to post this picture of Carter mid bite (actually he spit it out, turns out he HATES corn dogs) but I wanted to show y'all his new shirt. I'm a member of a few "Carter Mommys" groups on Facebook where people resell their used, personalized Carter items. I'm also in an Evan group, but I never find Evan things on there. I got this shirt $6.00 shipped! I've seen so many other ones I've wanted to buy, but I'm not letting myself get another shirt for Carter until I've bought one for Evan. I guess Carter is a more popular name? Or people who like the name Carter also like personalized clothes? I don't know.

The boys played outside for a little big and then came inside and played some. We're doing nap every other day, so Tuesday was their day for skipping nap. I popped them some popcorn, pulled the couch bed out and put on a movie for them to watch. I spilled some popcorn on the floor while putting it in the boys bowls and Evan said "I'll help you mama" and sat there and ate all the pieces I dropped. off the floor. Such a helper. ;)

After Greg got home, we went to the park for a picnic dinner and to feed the animals and play on the park.

There were only 2 geese and a duck there, so it wasn't overwhelming for the boys to feed them.

After feeding the duck and geese, the boys went on the dock and started feeding the fish the bread. The fish LOVE the bread, tons come up and nibble on it and the boys love seeing the fish.

I don't think you can see how many fish are there, but here's a picture of them eating the bread.

Then, we let the boys play on the playground for a little big before leaving. They love taking off their shoes and running around in the sand. There's also a fireman pole they can slide down, which they love too.

Both boys had a great time.
Wednesday morning, me, my mom, and my sister took the boys to the Columbia Zoo. My sister has been wanting to go with us and she's on spring break this week too, so we've known for weeks that we were going to get to the zoo with her sometime during her spring break. My mom and sister met us at our house and we left about 8am to go to the zoo.

We did our routine stuff--fed the birds (got pooped on by a bird) road the ponies, road the train, fed the giraffes, looked at the snakes, Dory, Nemo, Gorillas, zebras, etc. Carter has had awful allergies this spring so I could tell he wasn't feeling 100%, his eyes were swollen and itchy and he seemed fine sitting in the stroller and relaxing instead of running around everywhere.

Evan rode the ponies like he did last time. He loves it and listens very well to the girls running it.  

He doesn't look like a toddler to me here, he looks like a kid. :(

I gave Carter a map and he took it very seriously. He was finding the animals on the map, he loved that thing. I'll start getting one for them every time we go, because even Evan had fun looking on the map.
Of course we had to go by and see Dory, one of the boys' favorite animals.
snakes, turtles, penguins, and Aunt Caroline even fed the giraffes with Evan.
The boys love the train and they're allowed to ride it by themselves, so they have such a big time on that. We went to the playground for the first time and let the boys play for a little bit.
We had our picnic outside the park and then came back in and rode the carousal one more time and then we left. The boys had a great time and fell asleep almost immediately after getting in to the car to come home.

This one decided that he wanted fresh peppers, radishes, and green onions for dinner Wednesday night. I told him to let me get a picture of him eating it and he did the middle pose for me--acting like he was eating it for the camera. He's such a ham.
My parents have been spoiling us with green onions and radishes from their garden, I can't wait until all the rest of their vegetables start coming in!!

So, that's our spring break recap Monday-Wednesday. Nothing super exciting, just relaxing and having fun with the boys.

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