Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter & Bubbles

I uploaded the pictures for Easter a day or two after, but then forgot to write the blog post about it. Oops. So, here's our Easter recap a few days late.

I tried not to go overboard with things for the boys for Easter. I got them Hungry, Hungry Hippos and Elefun games at Target on sale and with a coupon, so they ended up being really cheap. I also bought Candy Land for like, 3.00 but decided to save it for another time. I went shopping with my mom before Easter, so her and my dad got the boys a soccer goal, some new ninja turtle cups, a puzzle, some cones (for using for boundaries in the back yard when they play ball) etc. and they just gave it to me to put out all together for Easter morning. So, it looks like a lot in this picture, because everything we all gave them was just set up for them when they woke up.

The boys came down and opened their baskets and I worked on Easter lunch. I had eggs hidden around the house with fake money (Evan's favorite) and jelly beans. The boys have completely different ways of doing an Easter egg hunt. Evan goes as fast as he can to find all the eggs and pile them in his basket and then opens them. Carter takes his sweet time and when he comes to an egg, he'll sit down, open it, eat the candy. After he's eaten the candy, he moves on to the next egg, he's in no rush. I didn't know what to expect with them and the egg hunt, so next year, I'll probably set out one color for Evan and one color for Carter so that they each get the same amount of eggs and can do their hunt the way they like to.

My parents and sister came over about 10ish and spent the morning/afternoon over at our house. I didn't get any pictures of them hiding the eggs (again) or the boys doing their egg hunts. I didn't do much for Easter lunch, but I feel like I was going in and out of the kitchen to check on things a lot, so I didn't get many pictures until we went outside.

The boys wanted to try out their new bubble machine. They love the one at the zoo and I thought it'd be fun to get them one for home. They love it!

I got a million pictures of them with the bubble machine. They were having so much fun and I really like it too.

Evan was squealing and running around trying to get all the bubbles.

It works great, it blows out tons of bubbles.

Carter picked "flowers" for my mom and Caroline. Awww...

Isn't that sweet?

Evan, hiding from the bubbles.

After my parents & Caroline left, the boys watched a Veggie Tale Easter movie and we relaxed for a little bit and then went back outside to play in the bubbles.

Evan decided that a baseball bat was the perfect way to pop the bubbles.

Carter was happy inside playing with his Hungry Hungry Hippos game, but came out for a few minutes to play with the bubbles. The boys don't play with the game like it's meant to be played with, they like to sit there and feed the hippos the red balls. They ask them if they're hungry, they tell me when the hippos are full, etc. But, they love it and play with it and that's all that matters.

running through the bubbles.

It was beautiful outside, so I was happy to sit outside while Evan played in the sandbox.

I couldn't believe when I went to look at the pictures I took that I didn't get more of the eastery stuff we did, they're all of the boys playing in the bubbles. Next year, I think we'll go to the early service at church and have the Easter baskets ready for when we get home. I like hosting Easter, so I'd love to keep up that tradition. We'll definitely have to get more pictures of the whole day next year. But, our Easter was very nice and it was even better living so close to family. I don't know that I'll ever get used to being able to just have them come by for a couple hours for a holiday and then go home. It's so nice. I also loved shopping with my mom for Easter basket goodies while the boys were in school.

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