Sunday, April 6, 2014

Weekly Recap

On Monday, the boys and I went to my parents house for the day. It was warm and sunny, so they rode their bikes, played outside and with their water table.

Evan absolutely loves anybody to dump water on him or squirt him with water. He loves it. Carter likes it until he doesn' know how toddlers are. :)

My parents have a huge garden and have radishes and green onions that are ready. Evan LOVES the radishes, he ate several. Then, he wanted to try and green onion. I'll give them anything they want to try and he loved it! He ate two! Just plain, from the garden after being washed off.

Just like his papaw.

He thought he was something eating the fresh stuff from the garden--especially since him and Carter went down there with Papaw just to pick it. I know how I'm going to get him to eat his veggies this summer. Carter liked the radishes ok, but did not like the green onion.

The boys are not napping every day anymore, they seem to need a nap every other day. They were fine at my parents, but all that playing wore them out because they both fell asleep in the car on the way home, which they hardly ever do anymore. (so I had to get a picture)

the boys had their second soccer practice on Tuesday evening.
Wednesday afternoon, the boys didn't nap, which means they go down really early for bedtime. I wanted to go to bible study at the church I went to last Sunday and was planning on bringing the boys. But, it goes from 6-7 and I was just nervous dropping off two, tired 3 year olds for somebody else to watch, so Greg offered to bathe them and put them to bed and sent me to church. We all had dinner at Chick-Fil-A and then I went to the Moms bible study by myself. I really liked it and I thought it was important to check out as much as I can when looking at a church for us to join.
We practiced soccer in the yard on the days that it was nice.

The boys have been doing their 24 piece puzzles over and over, so I brought out a 48 piece one to see how they liked it and they loved it. Evan tried it out first and had no problems with it.

We have some smaller puzzles that have just as many pieces, but they're just much smaller, so they're working on those now.

Friday, I took the boys to the park. We hadn't been in a while just the 3 of us. They're in school 3 days a week and it's been such a long winter, so it's nice to start doing these things again.
We brought some turtle food with us to feed the turtles in the pond and when we went over there, Carter pointed over the deck and said "snake" and sure enough, I look over and see this enormous thing!

The boys LOVED feeding the turtles. We got some cheap food from Walmart and it's fun to go down there and feed them. There was just a couple when we started, but like, 20 when we left.

We looked over the deck and saw that there were TONS of snakes. They're under the deck and not where we were at all, but still creepy. There were also tons and tons of frogs, so it was fun for the boys to see all those animals.

It's hard to see the turtles, but there were a lot of them.

On the way home, we stopped and did our grocery shopping and I told the boys if they were good, that we'd have a picnic when we got home. They were great, so we got sonic on the way home and had a little picnic outside. I see us doing this a lot this spring, they love eating on a blanket outside, they think it's such a treat.

The boys got lemonade and I think that was their favorite part.

The boys had their first official soccer game Friday night. It was definitely interesting. Before the game, the kids didn't even know that they didn't all get their own ball until about 15 minutes before their second practice (the practice before this game) was over. They didn't know the goal of the game or anything about boundaries. I kinda think they should just have practices and learn the basics at this age, but the boys enjoyed it, I think. Especially at first, Carter was done about half way through the game. After he fell and skinned his knee, he had no interest in playing anymore, he wanted to sit on the blanket with me and Meemaw and eat a snack. I actually bribed him with a cookie to go back out and finish the game. Evan started off strong at first too, but he scratched up his elbow and I think he just started getting bored and was ready to stop the game before it was over. When we asked them afterwards about it, they said they liked soccer and had fun, so that's good. Greg and I are being very laid back and relaxed about it. We want them to have fun and really love playing sports, so we're hoping they have a really positive experience with soccer.

Greg and I did a Walking Dead tour in Atlanta on Saturday, so I'm going to do a super long post just about that and post it tomorrow. Sunday, the boys and I went to church and then we just had a relaxed day around the house. The boys are on spring break this week, so we're going to take full advantage of them not having school. We're going to relax in the mornings and not be rushed and go the places we don't have as much time to do when the boys are in school (gym, library, parks, etc) We're also planning on going to the zoo one day this week.

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