Sunday, March 30, 2014

Weekend Recap

I'm actually doing a weekend recap on a Sunday night instead of a Wednesday or Thursday like I've been doing. We had a pretty relaxing weekend. Friday it was rainy and nasty--the boys were supposed to have a soccer game but it was cancelled due to the rain. We made it to the store to get some groceries but other than that, we just played around the house all morning. And then took selfies on the couch. The boys were piled on me and they were being very adorable and one of my 32 Before 32 goals is to "be in the picture more" so I'm trying to do that.

After Greg got off, we took the boys to the mall to play a little bit. They had a blast and didn't want to leave, so one of our tricks at the mall is to tell them we'll go up and down the escalator one time on the way out. This avoids any meltdowns because they are so excited to ride the escalator that they could care less that we're leaving. And yes, it is embarrassing riding up the escalator and stepping over and going right back down--oh the things we do for our kids. The Easter Bunny was getting set up because pictures with him started that Saturday, so the boys were excited to see him, he waved at the boys and they just started giggled and laughing (one of the women got so tickled at Evan's reaction) So, when we were leaving, Evan said "By easter bunny, see you later, see you at Christmas" He doesn't get the whole easter bunny thing yet, but I'm sure he will this year.

Friday night after the boys went to bed, Greg and I finally watched American Hustle. We've been wanting to see it for awhile and it did not disappoint. It was really good.

Saturday morning was rainy, so we went to Chick-Fil-A for breakfast and let the boys play. We never go there for breakfast and when we do go to chick-fil-a, we usually just order something for the boys and Greg and I eat when we get home. But, I had a coupon, so we all had breakfast there. It was nice and the boys loved the hash browns, the chicken and then putting jam on their biscuits.

This is the smile he gave me when I said to smile for the camera.

After breakfast, we went home and got the boys dressed in their soccer uniforms to go get their team pictures taken. It was held at a really nice Methodist church and it went very smoothly. They took one of each of them individually and one of them together. I was just going to get a sheet of the two of them together and then one sheet of the team photo, but they saw Greg coming and we walked out of there having ordered 2 packages and an extra sheet. ;) I'm glad, I don't think we can ever have too many pictures and it is there first team sport picture. I wanted them to each have a team photo because we'll be living in this area for the rest of our lives and it'll be neat to see these kids they grow up with.

After the pictures, we noticed it wasn't raining, so we took advantage of the break in the rain and took the boys to the park. They had a blast, they could have stayed there all day. Some days they aren't really feeling it or they'll be really hyped up and a little aggressive, but I felt like they were just relaxed and played so good on Saturday. We just too off their jerseys, and changed them out of their knee socks and soccer cleats, so they're both wearing white undershirts and black shorts.

Evan trying to "get" me while I'm taking pictures.

Evan did a lot of climbing. You can see it's cloudy. It was SO humid, but it wasn't raining or too cold, so we were happy.

Carter found a stick and entertained himself with that most of the time we were there. He loved taking to the top of the slide and having it slide down the slide first and then he'd go get it. It doesn't take much to make a kid happy.

On our way home, we stopped by Walmart to get a few things. We were taking our time since it was raining and we weren't in any rush to get home, so we let the boys try out some bikes. We want to get them bigger bikes for their birthday, but we're not sure which size. So, we had them try the different sizes and really go all the way down to the aisle and back so we could see if it was too big or too small. I think we've picked on, but their birthday isn't until August, so we have a little bit of time.
Saturday night, Greg and I rented "Wolf of Wall Street" It was a really, really good movie, but it was 3 hours long. It's hard for us to sit through long movies like that since we have to get up with the boys in the mornings, but I'm glad we saw it because it was just really good!

Sunday morning, my sister and I took the boys to a new church that we wanted to try out. My sister has been wanting to find a church and I've decided to get back into "church shopping" so I invited her to come with us. Greg had some things he had to do, so I took the boys with me to check it out. We really liked it. There's a traditional service and a contemporary service and we went to the traditional service today. I'd like to check out the contemporary and see what I think of that. I also have 3-4 other churches that I'd really like to check out before deciding on a church.

Side note: when I told Evan that Greg wasn't going to be able to come to church with us this morning, evan said "Are you serious?!" haha, where did he learn such a phrase? So, then Carter repeats him and says "mom, are you serious?" and I just laughed and laughed, I got so tickled at them saying such a serious little phrase.

The boys played outside when we got home, they had a blast at church and want to go back. Then, the boys took naps and afterwards, we went to Sam's Club. When we got home, we let the boys play outside as much as possible, we fixed them some watermelon to eat out there. I filled up their water table. They were so excited to start playing with it.

I don't know if Evan did this for the camera or if he just felt like splashing, but he went crazy and had a blast. This is probably my favorite picture of the weekend.

He was just so happy and pleased with himself.

You can see how happy Evan is in these pictures, he loved that he was soaked. Carter, on the other hand, was not as happy. His expressions crack me up. He was so annoyed.

Carter is not happy. He didn't cry and got over in like, 2 seconds, but his face right here makes me laugh.

Of course, after splashing around and getting their clothes wet, they had to strip down to their underwear and run around for a few minutes before going in.

Nothing super exciting this weekend, but we do have a really busy week coming up with soccer practices, book club, trying out a church on Wednesday, preschool. and the boys first soccer game is on Friday, and if the weather permits, Greg and I are going to Atlanta for a Walking Dead Tour!

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