Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Grandma and Grandpa Visit: Day 2

Saturday morning was day 2 of Grandma and Grandpa's visit. We decided to head downtown and check out the farmer's market. There's a park right on the river and I thought it'd be a fun way to see more of downtown. I also wanted to pick up some local honey because our allergies have been awful. I'm really hoping it'll help.

The boys LOVED having their pick of people to hold their hands while we were walking.

The farmer's market is pretty small and with the boys going 100mph, we don't stop and look at everything, but I always think it's fun to walk though.

We walked from the farmer's market to the park.

The boys played for quite awhile and there were some other kids there for them to play with. We were all able to just sit and relax for a bit.

We checked out the train tracks right next to the park. Last time we were here, the boys weren't able to explore them because somebody was doing a photoshoot on them. I was hoping to get some fun pictures on the bridge, but there's new signs up about not being on the tracks and violators will be prosecuted, which made me nervous, so we walked to the bridge and back really quick.

See, what a fun place to take pictures, I wish I would have got some with both the boys on there. Surely, they wouldn't arrest of mom of two cute little twin boys, would they?

We walked back towards the farmer's market and stopped to read all the historical signs they had out.

I think Riverwalk is just a fun place to go. They had all kinds of benches to sit at and you could just watch the river. I lived here when I was in high school and never came down here, so it's fun to do all these things now. Plus, it's free and there's a park for the boys to play at.

They had a trolley set up at the market for kids to go on. It was a trolley company that was advertising their city tours that they were started up in a couple of weeks. The boys got to go on there and check it out and ring the bell.

We went to a german place called Augsburg Haus for lunch and then we all took a much needed afternoon nap. After nap, we went by the grocery store and got some things to grill and the plan was to grill out and hang out in the back yard and let the boys play. We had wanted to take Greg's parents on Fort Gordon and show them where Greg works and hit up the duck park but it was calling for rain on Sunday, so after we ate, I noticed it was only 6:00 and thought we should go ahead and do that since we probably wouldn't be able to on Sunday. I may have pushed everybody out of the house, still chewing their food, but we were burning daylight. Vacations aren't for relaxing, they're for doing fun things. ;) We took a quick drive around the post and then went to the duck park. The boys played on the sand park and had a great time. Before leaving, we went over to the pond and fed the one duck that was there. There's usually tons of geese, but none of them were there, so that lucky duck got half a bag of hot dog buns and an entire loaf of bread. But, tons of fish came up and started eating the bread and then a couple of turtles came, so the boys had a great time seeing all the animals.

It has been such a long winter and we'll have a couple days of nice weather and then it'll be cold or rainy (or both) for several days, so when it's warm and sunny, I like to take full advantage of it and be outside.

The one duck.

I think we all thought it was neat to see all the fish that came up to eat the bread.

that dark spot in the water is a turtle. It was hard to get the turtles and the boys in a picture, but they were sticking their heads out of the water.

I love this park. There's never any other kids there, but the boys do like the face that the entire park is on the sand and I just think the pond and all the wildlife is so much fun.

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